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Creative Wedding Ideas That Work in a Pandemic

It takes so much time, energy, and resources to plan and prepare for a wedding, no matter how small or big it is. Whether it’s a simple ceremony with close family and friends or a big bash where anybody who’s anybody is invited, planning a wedding can be quite stressful, especially in a pandemic.

Folks who made plans to get married even before COVID-19 broke out were heartbroken to have their weddings postponed at the height of the breakout in 2020. They made great progress with their wedding preps. Most of them already have the venues booked, the catering paid for, the dresses and suits in their final stages, even some men who were suffering from hair loss already went through hair loss replacement systems to look extra good for their brides.

But even when the economy opened up, public gatherings were still highly discouraged and restricted to a very small group who still needed to maintain physical distance. This has caused a lot of setbacks for engaged and ready-to-be-wed couples back then.

However, there’s just no stopping love as people, with the help of a little creativity, found ways to still make things happen for engaged couples. A  bride and groom can tie the knot despite the ongoing health crisis. It may be a far cry from the weddings we were all used to pre-COVID but for couples and their supporters, it’s better than having to wait for the pandemic to be over.

7 Creative Ideas that Make Weddings in a Pandemic Fun

If you’re considering getting married during this pandemic, or know someone who plans to, you might want to check out some creative ways of going about wedding preps at this time. Here are a few things organizers and couples can consider to pull off a great pandemic wedding.

Parking Lot Weddings

Who would have thought that parking lots will be used as legit wedding venues? Because of the restrictions brought about by COVID-19, indoor large crowd gatherings are prohibited at this time. This means enclosed wedding venues are off-limits. No one ever said anything about the outdoors though, and while not everyone has access to a sprawling lush garden that’s perfect for an outdoor wedding, parking lots are a lot easier to find. With the right planning and decorations (and permits, of course), you can safely hold a parking lot wedding tailgate-style.

Wedding Drive-By

Understandably, any form of celebration now limits the attendance to a certain percentage of a venue’s capacity. If you’re getting married via Zoom, chances are there’s only a handful of people physically present at your wedding. You can still invite your loved ones to celebrate this occasion with you by organizing a wedding drive-by parade up and down your street. This way, they won’t feel left out as they’re still able to celebrate your milestone with you.

Wedding Catering Deliveries

One of the most brilliant things ever thought of by anyone at this time is wedding catering deliveries. For those holding virtual weddings, your guests can still wine and dine with you and your special someone as the food on your menu is prepared and delivered by the catering company to your guests’ doorsteps.

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Send Out Care Packages

To add to wedding catering deliveries, your guests can also party and celebrate with you as you send them guest care packages. These packages may contain wedding-related stuff such as a physical invitation, thank you note, a small bottle of bubbly, a few souvenirs and trinkets, and other cute and creative stuff to make them feel that they’re still part of the celebration.

Matching Masks for the Whole Entourage

In this pandemic, safety is one of the main concerns that need to be addressed. You can’t just celebrate a wedding without observing proper COVID-19 protocols set by the WHO and CDC. One of the simplest ways you can do that is by providing your entourage with matching masks that fall into your wedding theme. Go one up by providing your guests with uniform customized masks to wear at the event.

Social Distancing Status Wristbands

Physical distancing is still important, even if you’re fully vaccinated. Offer your guests different sets of pandemic wristbands that identify their level of comfort around people: practicing social distancing, can talk but no touch, giving out hugs and handshakes, or something similar.

Also, if you’re having a significant number of guests over, set the seats up in a pleasant yet distant formation. Better safe than sorry.

Pajama Wedding Party

Since the pandemic started, most meetings took place online via apps like Zoom. The hilarious thing about it is how most Zoom users dress up nicely from the waist up while staying in their jammies and boxers. For novelty’s sake, you can do something similar or even take it up a notch by holding a pajama-themed wedding where you, your partner, the officiating minister, and the online guests can celebrate with you in their PJs. Now that would be really memorable for everyone.

Until we’re totally out of the woods with this pandemic, folks will need to get used to weddings that are but a reflection of our old ways. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great wedding. With the right ideas and safety protocols, holding a wedding in this new normal can still be fun and successful.

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