Crowd Control Tips During Events

Crowd Control in AucklandIf you are planning to hold a big event, such as a grand party or a concert, then it is important to have security in place and utilise an effective crowd control management. If the venue is outdoors, you can consider hiring temporary fence installers to secure and close up the place. This will not only prevent intruders, but also act as a layer of security.

Apart from installing temporary fences, your event management team must be aware of other protocols and set a foolproof plan to make sure all goes well and no untoward incidents will take place.

If you’re new to this, hiring an event manager is best. But if your budget is only good for a DIY event planning, then keep in mind these crowd control procedures:

Manage the Queue

As much as possible, you should avoid having your guests wait in line. If you let them wait for too long, they will start to feel tired or irritated. You can avoid this by offering distractions, such as pre-event gimmicks to keep them entertained while lining up. This is also a perfect opportunity to sell event merchandise in case they want to bring home a souvenir or two.

Manage the Flow of Guests

Guests should be aware of the location of the entrance, exit and the venue layout. It is a good idea to install signage and banners that will help point your guests in the right direction. It will also prevent them from getting lost and will make it easier for them to make their way around inside.

Manage Your Staff

You can ask your event staff to keep everything under control by directing your guests where they need to go. Adding ushers to your staff may be an additional cost, but they will play a big part in making sure the event goes as planned and the guests’ needs are immediately attended to.

You will know that your event is a success if you receive glowing reviews. Effective crowd control management is one way to accomplish this.

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