Daily Care Hacks for Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids from MinneapolisSo, you invested in a hearing aid and are now enjoying life without having to imagine what people who don’t care to be loud enough said? Well, that’s great news. This great news will only stay so if you can take good care of your hearing aid and give it a longer life.

Here are some simple tricks that will help you get the best out of your hearing aid:

Switch It Off When Not in Use

Your hearing aid runs on a tiny battery. All hearing aids should be switched off when you don’t need them to cut down on unnecessarily battery drain. Flip the switch before you go to bed or whenever you take off the hearing aid. If there’s a need for a battery replacement, be sure you know how.

Drying it Up

In case moisture builds up inside the hearing aid, you can leave the battery door open to dry up internal components. Leaving it moist will damage the internal components. In cases of excessive moisture, you can use a silica-based drying agent or a dehumidifier available at your hearing care expert.

Remove Them Before Using Any Aerosol

Always remove your hearing aids before using any aerosol or powders. This includes hair sprays, shaving lotion, insect repellents and spray perfumes. The tiny drops created by the spray or the powder can easily clog or damage your hearing device components.

Above all, remember to handle your hearing aids gently. Modern hearing aids are so tiny and any undue pressure might damage some component. Place them on a soft flat surface when swapping the battery to offer cushion in case they fall. Always store them in their storage case to protect them from falls or getting lost.

Taking good care of your hearing aids will give you more years of better hearing without having to swap them. This goes a long way into making your life more productive and more enjoyable without forcing you to go out of your way every now and then.

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