Dangers of Potholes and Curbs: 3 Types of Wheel Damaging Impacts

wheelsDrivers should appreciate just how durable their wheels are. These bits of metal are strong enough to support the weight of an enormously heavy vehicle moving at high speed, and with maintenance, can still last for many years. But despite this impressive toughness, it is surprisingly easy to damage your wheels just by driving around town.

Structural damage on any one of your wheels leads to a host of related car problems, even when it seems relatively minor. Repairs and replacements can also be expensive, especially if you only use quality merchandise like a premium set of custom Asanti wheels. Avoiding the damage in the first place should be your goal, but what do you need to look out for?

The Common Causes of Wheel Damage

While driving, there are three main threats to your wheel that you need to pay attention to. Any of these can lead to a cracked or bent wheel, especially if you hit them at a relatively fast speed.

1. Potholes – Broken pavement is the bane of drivers everywhere, especially since it is so hard to spot from a distance. Potholes can cause a huge amount of damage to almost every part of your car, including the suspension and exhaust system. Driving over them may do nothing more than wear your tires out faster sometimes, but they can and will bend your rims if you hit them hard enough.

2. Curbs – Do you have a tendency of driving too close to the curb, or turning too fast? If so, you are putting your front wheels at risk. Not only can a nasty impact puncture your treads and knock the affected wheel out of alignment, it can just as easily cause permanent damage to the metal itself.

3. Manhole covers – Like potholes, raised manhole covers can be hard to spot from a distance. When these metal annoyances settle above the pavement, they pose a hazard to drivers and their vehicles – especially the tires and wheels. Keep an eye out for manholes, and play it safe.

Unfortunately, it is often hard to determine whether your wheels sustained damage from one of these impacts at a glance, since there are rarely any visible changes. You might, however, notice symptoms such as frequent vibrations while driving.

To be on the safe side, see a mechanic the moment your wheels hit something on the road. A quick inspection will tell you if there are any problems that warrant your immediate attention.

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