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Different Types of Home Nurse Professionals

registered nursesHome care is a good option for the elderly and terminally ill, for it gives them an opportunity to recover from their poor health, or live through their closing years in their homes and with their families. To ensure that these patients get the best medical attention at home, the profession of the home nurses, or caregivers, exist.

An in-home care for an elderly requires knowing the specific type of nursing that the patient needs. Some nurses specialise in general care, while others have a more particular forte such as in assisting respiratory problems or digestive issues.

Here is a brief look at the different types of home care professionals.

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses or RNS are trained professionals in the field who:

  • Treat and educate patients about different medical conditions;
  • Record the patient’s medical histories;
  • Help doctors in performing diagnostic tests;
  • Operate medical equipment;
  • Take care of patient rehabilitation and follow-up;
  • Look after the diet and nutrition needs of the patient;
  • Administer medication orally or through IV fluids.

In dire cases like terminal illnesses, the Royal District Nursing Service maintains that a hallmark of a trained nurse also offers emotional support to the family members

Licensed Vocational or Practical Nurses

These nurses care for the elderly, the terminally ill or the disabled under the directions of a registered nurse or the doctor. Among their duties include:

  • Basic bedside care;
  • Measuring and recording of the vital signs of the patient, such as temperature;
  • Giving of medications, enemas and injections;
  • Dressing of wounds;
  • Application of catheters;
  • Giving of massages and rubs;
  • Basic personal care such as bathing, dressing, feeding, walking, standing, etc.

Certified Nurse Aides

These home nurses assist patients with daily living, including personal care, nutrition needs, ambulation and toilet use. They also monitor the health of the patient with blood pressure gauging. At times, the certified nurses can also perform light housekeeping services.

Depending on the kind of service you need, you can call in for that specific type of home nurse and ensure the best care for the elderly in your home.

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