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Different Types of Tummy Tucks for Different Cosmetic Goals

tummy surgeryThe number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery shows no signs of dropping. According to a report by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the growing trend of ‘selfies’ has a significant impact on the growing number of people going under the knife.

While face lifts and liposuction remain at the top of the list of common cosmetic surgeries in the US, tummy tuck or abdominoplastyis also becoming popular among men and women alike. This procedure helps trim body contours and make the stomach and abdominal area firmer.

As the experts at Rosenblum Plastic Surgery say, exercise and diet might not always be enough to bring back those taut stomach muscles. In such cases, tummy tucks may be a suitable option for those who want a stunning physique.

Before deciding on whether or not to undergo this cosmetic procedure, it’s important to understand and discuss your options for successful results.

Extended Abdominoplasty

Cosmetic surgeons may recommend this surgery if you are above the normal weight for your physique. The procedure involves liposuction to remove excess fats in different areas of the body and create an appealing contour.


This procedure is much like an extended abdominoplasty. Panniculectomy removes the excess fat and skin, while tightening the stomach muscles. Some cosmetic surgeons combine this with tummy tucks, while others offer this as a standalone procedure.

Extensive Circumferential Surgery

If your stomach spans the entire circumference of your torso, cosmetic surgeons may recommend this type of tummy tuck to achieve results. In this procedure, you may need to undergo panniculectomyto remove excess fat and skin.

Abdominal Etching

If your goal is simply to get a toned and flat stomach, abdominal etching may be a good option. This procedure is ideal for those who have an athletic physique but with small pockets of fat in their abdominal area.

Cosmetic surgeons will base your procedure on your condition and cosmetic goal. They may even recommend a combination of procedures to achieve the physique you want. While you can rely on the words of your surgeon, you still need to be prudent with your choices to avoid complications following your cosmetic surgery.

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