Disability-Friendly Home

Disability-Friendly Home: How Can You Create One?

Accidents, as the name suggests, can come at the most inconvenient of times. If we’re lucky, we get out unscathed, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Some people make it out alive but not quite the same as they were before the accident due to the physical disabilities they end up getting.

Disabilities, no matter what kind, can be daunting, especially if it’s permanent. This is more so for the people who are experiencing it first-hand. This is why we need to do everything that we can to make our disabled family members feel the best at home — which should be, first and foremost, their haven.

Here are the many ways we can achieve such a feat.

Move the Bedroom

Stairs can be the bane of anyone with physical disabilities, which is why it’s the best course of action to move our family members’ rooms to the ground floor, if possible. Doing this eliminates the need for them to painstakingly traverse a flight (or multiple flights!) of stairs. Plus, they’ll have access to most parts of the house, like the kitchen and living room, from the ground floor.

Consider Stair Lifts

If there’s no possibility of moving their bedrooms to the ground floor, the next step to take is either install a stairlift of an elevator. Not everyone has the space nor the budget for an elevator, but a stairlift will do the trick. Although our relatives may need assistance to get on the seat that will take them up, more so if they use wheelchairs on most days.

Another consideration is we should invest in temporary stair ramps if steps precede the front door of our properties. This is a cheap solution and one that can last a while if it’s made from sturdy materials.


Introduce Comfort Furniture

Furniture is one more factor to consider when we’re living with disabled relatives. With so many to choose from, it’s understandable if most households pick what they want to implement in their homes.

When choosing items to replace old furniture, we should opt to purchase from businesses that specifically cater to disabled clients. This will help ensure that the quality of the materials used is top-notch and that ergonomics are fit for those with extra physical needs. A few examples are power recliners, walk-in tubs, and variable posture beds in Salt Lake City, Utah, or other nearby areas.

Update the Bathroom

Another important room that needs upgrading to accommodate disabled members is the bathroom. Renovations can be expensive, so a way for us to lower the expenses is by designating one or two bathrooms for our disabled relatives.

Those who are capable of moving their relatives to the ground floor should choose a bathroom on that level. Families that can’t make a bedroom on the ground floor should at least invest in two bathrooms getting renovated.

Renovations that need to be done are wider door frames to accommodate wheelchairs, lower sinks, handlebars, and, if possible, handicapper bathtubs.

A life led with a handicapped body will be overwhelming and tiresome most days. To ease our relatives’ pain, the least we can do is make it so that they can easily maneuver themselves in their homes.

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