Don’t Ignore Your Legs

Don’t Ignore Your Legs: 3 Habits that Worsen Varicose Veins

Don’t Ignore Your LegsThou shall not take thy legs for granted.

Varicose veins are definitely not a pretty sight. For many women, this problem is, unfortunately, an ugly part of the aging process. Many simply choose to tuck away their miniskirts and go for longer dresses just to conceal those bulging, purple veins. You might find varicose veins unpleasant to the eyes, but know that their negative effects extend beyond aesthetics.

Varicose veins affect your health. Varicose veins cause irritation, pain, and complications such as eczema and ulcers. Make sure to avoid these habits that worsen the problem.

Standing for Long Periods

Many jobs require prolonged standing. Schoolteachers, doctors, construction workers, and salon employees stand all day to perform their jobs. Experts from Veniti explain that prolonged standing increases blood pressure within the veins. For people who are at risk, the veins can stretch as a result of elevated pressure. When this happens, the veins’ walls weaken and the valves get damaged.

Sit whenever possible and avoid crossing your feet and legs to avoid varicose veins. Wear compression stockings as well. This will help facilitate the proper circulation of blood.

Crossing Your Legs While Sitting

There are still ongoing studies about the link between crossing legs and varicose veins. Most experts, however, believe that while it is not a cause, it contributes to the problem. Crossing legs causes blood pressure to increase. This affects blood flow and direction from the legs to the heart. Increased pressure in the veins heightens tension on the valves, which may have a negative impact on its normal functional capacity.

Eating Certain Food

The body retains water when you eat food that contains high amounts of sodium. Water retention increases blood pressure, so avoid canned soups, hot dogs, pizza, chili, and ham. Cut down on salad dressings, mac and cheese, and pickles, too.

Thou shall not take thy legs in vein. When varicose veins start to surface, consult your doctor immediately for guidance on how to treat it.

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