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Eating Healthy While Travelling: What Should You Know?

There are two things in life that most young people want: experiencing the world by travelling and experiencing different cultures by eating. Travelling has always been one of the best ways of unwinding and experiencing different beliefs and cultures worldwide. At the same time, eating is known for being one of the best ways of experiencing other cultures and cuisines at the comfort of your own home. Typically, it’s hard to separate eating and travel since you can’t have the full experience of travelling without eating.

In the last few years, many travellers and backpackers are adopting a more sustainable way of living, primarily when most individuals produce a lot of greenhouse gas that could have a lasting effect on the environment. With sustainable travelling on the rise, many tourism organisations have also adapted sustainable tourism.

Apart from these programs are organically producing produce that tourists and backpackers can have. However, most travellers have stuck in a rock and a hard place between travelling and eating. When you’re travelling, you want to experience everything you can. If you’re planning on having a healthy diet, you might not be able to experience everything if you’re restrictive.

But contrary to what most people believe, you can still enjoy travelling while eating healthy. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Getting Your Calories from Snacks

When you’re always on-the-go, you’ll want to have snacks or food that can be easily eaten or prepared. Oatmeal and omelets don’t necessarily take a lot of time to cook and have enough calories and nutrients for your daily nutritional needs. This can come in handy if you want something to go with fruits and berries.

Most tourists, hikers, and backpackers will need a good amount of liquids to keep themselves hydrated, especially when you’re travelling to more remote locations. Experts would suggest having snacks that have some gel and liquids. Creamy snacks, such as yogurt, are great ways of replenishing fluids while giving you much-needed energy. There are also various energy gel snacks that most cyclists and athletes use that can give people much-needed energy.

Some veteran travellers will also use various containers that are around three to four ounces for snacks. Leakproof containers are also great for hiking or if you’re going to dry areas.

Dining in Tourist-friendly Restaurants

Let’s face it: nobody wants to keep on munching on snacks all the time, especially when you could be enjoying all the good tourist attractions and restaurants near your area. Fortunately, many restaurants and establishments are aware that many tourists and backpackers want to eat a healthy lifestyle.

There are plenty of cultures and destinations that promote good and healthy food. Thailand is known for having a healthy cuisine that anyone can enjoy. The colourful options of food that they have means that you’ll never be eating the same dish twice (unless you really want to.) If you’re not too keen on eating processed snacks all the time, there are plenty of tourist-friendly establishments in Thailand and much of southeast Asia.

Changi Airport is known for being a gateway to one of the best cuisines in Thailand. You won’t have to look far since there are plenty of high-class and lofty restaurants in the airport. Remember: just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of class.

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Accessorising Yourself

Just because you’re “travelling light” and not bringing too much with you doesn’t mean you can’t have a few cooking utensils. When you’re travelling and staying healthy, you’ll need to be able to cook for yourself, especially if you’re not a fan of the food in a specific area. Most experts would suggest getting your very own travelling kitchen set so that you’ll be able to have enough nutrition in your diet. Buying local produce and cooking for yourself isn’t only sustainable, but this can cut down on your monthly expenditure for food.

Sometimes, the best person to ask when it comes to your overall health is yourself. That said, being healthy means being able to cook meals independently. Having a travelling kitchen set will help you have well-balanced meals.

There are various ways to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet, even if you’re travelling. Whether you’re going to bustling cities, checking out exotic places in Asia, or going to islands that are a far cry from civilisation, being able to sustain yourself should still be a top priority. Although having a “healthy” diet might be daunting when you want to experience different culinary cultures, it’s still possible with the right discipline and planning.

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