Is running a business for you?

Entrepreneurship 101: Is Running a Business Really for You?

Every successful entrepreneur started with the question, “Is running a business for me?” Whether fresh out of college or second-guessing a corporate career, people often wrestle with this struggle. If you have the same question, here are some helpful advice to help you decide:

Reflect on your passion.

The fact that you’ve given business a thought is a sign that you have an interest in this field. But you should determine if that interest will move you to actually start and follow through the business idea. That deep, compelling interest is passion.

Remember that the initial phases of the business will be tough — longer working hours and probably meager profits — but passion, your enthusiasm and confidence should get you through the stressful situations. When others think it’s impractical of you to take this risk, passion will be that still voice reminding you that there could be something rewarding out of your endeavor.

Know as much as you can.

Yes, entrepreneurs are brave risk-takers, but they’re smart risk-takers at that. Before taking the plunge, they arm themselves with all the information they need, especially those that will help them make better decisions. They research the industry, talk to experts and mentors, and spend time weighing the pros and cons.

Many foodpreneurs, for instance, start out with franchises. With this option, they’re able to see a readily-laid-out business plan and at the same time, expose themselves to industry experts who can help them in their journey. Who knows, a pizza franchise for sale may just be the very thing you need to start an entrepreneurial career.

Examine your resources.

You will be investing a lot in putting up a business — not only in terms of finances, but time, skills, and energy as well. Ask yourself if what you’ve built up over the years are enough for the business to take off. If not, see what you can do about it. For instance, in the context of skills, it’s best if the business you’re trying to get into is related to the career you’ve grown accustomed to. If not, you must be proactive at gaining competence, perhaps taking classes or training under a mentor.

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding journey, but it starts with that crucial question, “Is it right for you?” Remember the mentioned tips to decide if running a business is the path worth taking.

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