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Essential Questions to Ask When Shopping for Filipino Skincare Products

Have you ever tried shopping online or going to your favorite department store to look for a skincare product and ended up empty-handed? You’re not alone. The barrage of brands and products is more than enough to confuse you. To save yourself the trouble and help you make easier choices next time, think about these questions:

What Are the Different Types of Skin?

There are at least five known types of skin. These are dry, oily, sensitive, combination, and normal. Here’s a good discussion on how doctors can evaluate your skin type. You can take a few hints, though:

  • Oily skin tends to leave a lot of shine on the face.
  • Dry skin can make your epidermis prone to flaking or cracking.
  • Combination skin might have an oily surface around the T-zone, which is from the forehead to the line of the nose and chin, and then dry or normal on the rest of the face.
  • Sensitive skin is the most reactive to skincare ingredients. You might be prone to acne, flare-ups, or allergic reactions.

Why Are Some Skincare Products Considered Premium?

“Premium” is a subjective and broad term. It can refer to many things, such as packaging, price, or ingredients. It can also mean all of these factors. Premium, though, tends to be expensive than the others, but they can also provide value for money.

For one, it has some of the finest-grade ingredients. Take, for instance, the products of Kedma Cosmetics Philippines. They can contain pearl powder, gold, gingko biloba, rubies, sapphires, and Dead Sea minerals. These are almost non-existent in mass-produced skincare products. Second, they can perform different functions. They can moisturize, cleanse, and nourish the skin like an essence or a serum.

How Do You Choose the Best Skincare Product?

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There’s no question that you need to choose your products according to your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, you might want to stay away from those with comedogenic ingredients. Instead, go for something light or a water-based product.

You also need to consider the climate. The Philippines is tropical, so your choice should be something lightweight. Moisturizer becomes a must-have since the heat can dry up the skin fast.

Another consideration is when you plan to use the product. Nighttime creams tend to be heavier than daytime ones. They seem to have the highest concentrations of nutrients since your body repairs itself while you sleep.

Finally, you should think about your lifestyle. Are you one of those people who prefer a simple routine? The famous Korean 10-step skincare regimen won’t work for you. What you maybe need is a multi-functional product. If you’re always out in the sun, you need to have a moisturizer and a sunscreen. It might also be necessary to use either a facial cleanser or a wash to remove the skin’s impurities.

These questions are vital in weeding out the variety of products in the market. You will know what’s good for you and separate the excellent brands from the worst ones. In the end, though, there’s one question that you should never fail to ask: what does your dermatologist say? Always work your skincare routine with your doctor to avoid issues later.

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