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Estate Protection: Preventive Measures Against Thieving Relatives

No one’s life goes on forever, so people need to be prepared not just to pass away, but also to pass on what they have with those they live with. However, when the topic of inheritance comes up, it brings out the worst in some individuals.

Some of them even resort to stealing, even when they’re already listed as part of the heirs. No matter if you’re the one planning your estate, the one who executes the will, or one of those who are set to receive part of the said estate, you can do something to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Get the Help of a Lawyer

First and foremost, acquire legal help and be open about it. This can already discourage some individuals, especially when they still have enough sense to want to avoid getting caught. Also, it can provide you with insight as to how you can protect your assets from possible thieves as well as planning your estate properly.

When dealing with real estate, get an attorney in Denver who specializes in such. That way, you’ll be able to know the ins and outs of it better.

Discuss Any Plans With the Family

If you’re the one who’s planning your estate or the one who is supposed to take care of executing the will, then it’s a good idea to discuss your plans with the family. For the former, it would be about what you’re going to pass on and who it’s going to end up with.

For the latter, it’s about the measures you’re going to take when it comes to protecting the estate until everything’s gathered. This creates a scenario where everyone is aware, making it harder for the would-be thief to try any stealing.

Cover Everything in Writing

A well-written will is perhaps one of the best ways to protect your estate in a legal sense. Not only does it list which assets of yours go to which person, but it also allows for specific terms that work in your rightful beneficiaries’ favor even when you’re deceased.

For example, it’s possible for you to expressly state that the executor of your estate should disclose all information regarding it to the rest of the family. This can protect you from someone who would take advantage of being an executor to line their own pockets.

Safeguard the Estate

Estate Protection

When you’re an executor who means well for the estate, you would want to be able to protect it both physically and legally. You can start by keeping any houses well-maintained. Turning the lights on at some time during the night can also help.

As for any small items, they should be kept in safe boxes until the time they are to be given away. When it comes to bank accounts, they can be frozen until the time when the money needs to be distributed.

Planning your estate is a wise action to take in life. It provides the ones you love with something that they might need and possibly remember you by when you pass away. Even though some of your family members may have their own plans and try to steal someone else’s inheritance, you can do something about it.

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