Fashionable School Wear for Modern, Stylish Teens

school uniformLike fashionable adults, teens are also influenced by the current trends in clothing. They can be stylish not just during family outings, but also while they are in school. They can choose from wearing casual but “school-appropriate” clothing or wearing uniforms as dictated by the school management

No matter what the school dress code is, you can still make your personality stand out with some minimal additions. Here are a few simple tips from Perm-A-Pleat:

Traditional School Uniforms

Although some parents and schoolteachers oppose or support the idea of wearing school uniforms, many schools require students to dress in uniforms. Even so, some schools have taken care to make these uniforms look more fashionably appropriate, albeit in a conservative manner.

Fashionable school wear for primary kids often includes casuals such as polo shirts and chinos that are easy to wear and comfortable even for prolonged periods. Gone are the days when school uniforms comprised of elaborate plaids, ties, blazers, skirts and dress shirts that may take some time to wear in the morning.

Casual School Wear

For schools with “no uniforms” rule, the style options are almost limitless. Students can explore more clothing options that are comfortable, stylish and affordable. Some current favourites among kids for school wear include:

  • Varsity jacket sweaters
  • Western shirts
  • Denim vests, with or without sleeves
  • Statement T-shirts
  • Skinny jeans, with or without prints
  • Hooded jackets
  • Simple pants in bright and sober colours
  • Knee-length skirts

The Fashion Rule

When it comes to being fashionable in school, the rule is to be casual and comfortable. For those with more freedom to wear whatever they want, make sure they wear clothes that are not too bold or relieving and still appropriate for school.

So, are you prepared to dress your children up when they go back to school?

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