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Feminizing Your Home: Ideas to Add Feminine Accents to Your Space

Is your house too plain or too dull for your taste? If you think your house is losing its appeal, it’s time to explore a new design for your space. A feminine interior design imbued with elegant and classy decorations can subtly bring pleasure and harmony, making your home more inviting.

Even if you’re a manly man or a masculine woman, you might want to brighten up your place by adding some feminine touches to the entire house.

Stop Treating Your Garage Like a Garbage

Okay, this may be an exaggeration. Anyway, the garage might be the place where you least spend your time. Maybe it’s because there’s too much junk there. To make your garage look nicer, start by throwing away some unnecessary things or donate the still useful ones.

If there is nothing you want to throw or give away, upgrade your storage and organization. It can make a great difference in your house. This way, you can create some more space to store more things that crowd the indoors. If you still have enough space, making it another living area can be a good choice, especially for those who don’t have a yard.

Don’t forget your garage door. This can be one of the first parts of your house that other people see. If it has turned old, drab, and rusty, making it sound like a welding house every time you open it, perhaps it’s time to replace it with a motorized one that comes with a residential garage door opener. In fact, installing a new garage door can add up to your house value by 77 percent.

After the installation, you can add some paint and decoration to your garage door if you want to.

Purple, White, Pink, and Everything in Between

Nothing screams more feminine than a touch of pink or purple in any room, including the garage. With these color schemes, you can definitely light up a room. You can add wall paints, flowers in vases, side-table lamps, or curtains. Even throw pillows and throw blankets.

You can add or choose other colors, too, of course. Also, you can’t go wrong with a touch of rainbow colors if you’re feeling a little wilder. As long as they’re distributed evenly, and you stay within the color scheme, nothing will be the odd-one-out.

Go Bold With Your Walls

You can create a collage of different artworks that accent each other across your wall to make that certain area look eye-catching and fabulous. Although if you think it’s too much, you can always tone it down a notch and place the extra framed artworks on a different wall or in another room.

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Adventure With Texture

Do you think something else is still missing in the room? You know you already have the color scheme, the furniture, and the decors, but something doesn’t feel right. Well, one thing might really be missing: the texture.

The texture seems to be the one that always slips through one’s mind when it comes to interiors. But what few people realize is that the texture makes a room pop and makes it look less flat and less boring.

To start, you can add beauty and texture to a room by using contrasting fabrics. You can use different fabrics on your throw pillows, blankets, and rugs. But be sure to balance them at the same time. You don’t want it to be eye-straining.

Don’t forget that couches, armchairs, and other upholstery furniture are not the only ones you should look into. Curtains, blinds, and lamps are also contributors to adding texture to the room. You can even change them every season.

Make Your Bathroom Boom

This doesn’t mean to blow up your bathroom. Since you spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day, it is just right for you to make it pleasant to look at.

If you want to tone down the colors here slightly, you can repaint the walls in neutral colors and add a colorful rug so that it’s not too dull. In addition, you can buy some accessories and containers to store your toothbrush, liquid or soap bars, and even makeup.

Aside from the mirror above your sink, you can put up another one on a different wall. But if you don’t want another mirror, a piece of framed art can be a pretty touch, too.

Have a Breather with a Mirror

Speaking of mirrors, many interior designers recommend decorating each room with one or two stylish mirrors, especially for houses with smaller spaces. Big or not-so-big ones will make a room look spacious and make you feel lighter.

Plus, if you place a mirror near a window, you will get some extra natural light during the daytime. Not only will you add elegance to the room, but you can also save on your electric bill.

There’s nothing wrong with spicing up the comfort of your home with pinks, purples, or even glitter. However, if you do not want to overwhelm your home with fluffy details to achieve the feminine aesthetic, just stick to soft, versatile tones that create a calming environment. A balanced color palette exudes elegance and defines femininity.

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