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Finding the Perfect Flatmate

Flat sharing is worth considering if you want to get help with your monthly rental fees. To find a good flatmate, be specific and clear about what you’re seeking. You also need to be upfront about your needs and preferences. Here are few things you need to remember in searching for an ideal flatmate.

lettings agents

1. Before deciding to flat share, make sure that your letting agent is okay with the idea. Ask the property owner or your letting agent if they have specific rules for accepting a new person moving in.

2. When looking for a flatmate, be honest with what you can and cannot handle. Determine the qualities you are looking for, including their habits and lifestyles. It is a good idea to compile a list of requirements before you interview applicants.

3. If you advertise for a flatmate, meet the applicant in a neutral location. Look for a connection and understanding. Don’t forget to ask them about the requirements you compiled on your list. Make sure you go along with the person and enjoy their company at least a little.

4. Ask for friend or family recommendation if you’re having difficulty in finding a flatmate. Your friends and family know you better than anyone so they’ll probably suggest a compatible housemate. Getting a referral is also safer than trusting the word of a stranger.

When you’ve finally found the perfect flatmate, draft a separate flatmate agreement to make sure you agree on your living situation. Make sure to include important things such as rent contributions, household duties, and whether or not you’ll share on food expenses.

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