Fit and Pretty: 3 Ways to Look and Feel Good

Getting Physically Fit in SingaporeToday, physical fitness and physical beauty are two things people aspire to, and for good reason. Aside from the recently emerging trends of models with movie-star good looks and washboard abs, wanting to look good and be healthy is something innate in people. For one, it is practical to be healthy and in peak physical condition. Adding more years to your life is its own reward. And secondly, being in shape is sexy – for both men and women

Physical shape and beauty are indicators of health and wellness. Here are three simple secrets to health and attractiveness, in Singapore and beyond.


You are what you eat. So if you eat junk food and other less-than-healthy grub, don’t expect to look like a supermodel anytime soon. Start eating healthy; make it a habit to have lean proteins to build and tone muscles. Just as importantly, eat fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables go a long way to making your body glow with a healthy radiance.

You can also opt to invest in nutritional supplements and health beverages like a good collagen drink in Singapore to complement your diet. Items such as protein shakes, collagen drinks, fish oil, and other dietary supplements help in your body’s intake of nutrition.


Exercise does wonders to the body. By merely putting the body through its paces, exercise awakens your unused energy and vigor. For starters, sweating it out burns your fat, helping you trim those excess inches from your waistline. That is incentive enough to look good, but exercise also gives you feel-good hormones, improving mood, relieving stress, and helping you have confidence. A healthy body makes a healthy mind. And a healthy mind definitely counts in the attractiveness book.


Of course, the most natural way to build strength and look your best is to get enough rest. The daily strain of work and other labors take their toll on the human body. Life will wear you down. The way to recover is to rest. Sleep lets your body regenerate itself from all the damage done in previous day. So if you want to look good, don’t compromise on your sleeping schedule.

Physical health and beauty is something you have to work for. Do it right, and you will definitely see results gradually.

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