Five Ways to Make Your Deck More Private

The deck in your home is your place of solace. It’s where you sit as you watch the leaves rustle or fall and appreciate the beauty of nature in your own backyard. It’s why you take care of this place regularly and hire moisture seal decking specialists to make sure that the floors are fixed.

However, since it’s outside the house, you can’t prevent your neighbors from checking out your deck. Fortunately, there are ways you can make it more private without putting up a sign that says, “Keep Out!”

Install a fence or wall

If you don’t want outsiders taking a peek at your deck, you can simply put up a fence to ward them off. You can also build a wall, but try to avoid making it a brick wall. A high fence or wooden wall will already imply that you don’t want people snooping at your deck without making your backyard look like an enclosure.

Cover it up with trees or evergreens

Natural barriers can effectively make your deck secluded without being too cooped up. If you have a tree in your backyard, build a deck under it. If the tree you have right now isn’t tall enough, ask around what kind of tree would serve as a great canopy and have it planted in your yard.

You can also use evergreens to cover your backyard. They can grow up to 300 feet, but of course, you should choose the ones who won’t grow that tall. Some smaller evergreens can grow as high as your roof, which is perfect for covering your deck.

Build a trellis

You can also choose to build a trellis around your deck to cover it from prying eyes. They’re not an eyesore compared to a brick wall, and what’s best about trellises are you can hang vines on them. If you plant vines on your trellis, they can spread throughout the structure, blocking your deck from outsiders with a beautiful natural barrier.

Think of a diversion


Now, why don't you build another structure (natural or otherwise) that will divert the eyes of your neighbors from your deck. You can build some beautiful shrubbery or even a small fountain far away from your deck so that onlookers will focus their attention on that instead.

Add some drapes or fabrics

You can also put some curtains or any other kind of fabric in your deck. The great thing about this is that you’ll also be able to control the amount of sunlight you want to shine on this part of your home.

If it's summer and you don’t want your deck to be too hot, just pull down the drapes, turn on the ceiling fan, and you’ll have a nice cool breeze. Or, if it’s winter, pull down the drapes to block the chilly wind. No matter what season it is, your drapes will be useful to keep your deck cool or warm.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to make your deck a little bit more private. Don't let nosy neighbors or the location of your house near the main road prevent you from enjoying your deck.

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