Dental Implants

Focus on – the Healing Process After Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsIf you have decided that you want dental implants to replace your missing teeth, then your next step will be adequate preparation.

When you have dental implants fitted at a practice like Dental Implants Hampshire, you will have holes drilled into your jawbone so that they can be placed. This usually takes around half a day and is done under local anaesthetic. Under some circumstances, you might opt to have a general anaesthetic but this is in a minority of cases. Afterwards, there will be a period of healing that you can prepare for in advance.

Immediately After

Directly after, you may feel a little woozy and will need to take some time to recover. This is perfectly normal as you have just had minor surgery. Complete bed rest is recommended for the first day or two. You need someone to take you home from the dentists and, if you live alone, it will be handy to have someone stay over with you.

Caring for your implants means brushing the area very gently and rinsing with salt water. This all helps to prevent infection. You need to limit your food intake to very soft or liquid foods. Making sure you have tasty, nourishing food in the kitchen as this will make it easier.

A Week Later

You will gradually be able to add more activity to your day. If you do not have a physically stressful job, then you will probably be able return to work. You will be able to eat slightly firmer foods but it is still best to stick to something that is not too challenging for your teeth. Your dental implants are settling into place and the bone around them is healing. It is this integration process that makes the teeth you will have added to your implants solid and secure. As you do not want anything to compromise this healing, the gentler you can be with yourself, the better.

Two to Four Months Later

You will have recovered completely from dental implant surgery by this point. Depending on the advice of your dentist, you will soon have your new teeth fitted and be able to use them as you did your natural set.

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