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Food Labels: Choosing the Right One

There are not many options when planning for labelling solutions. You either print the labels or have someone else do the job for you. Most likely, you have already opted for the latter. But still, the big question lies in whether you will want an off-the-shelf label (one that another business has used before) or have a printing company like Unimax to customise a food label design that will communicate your message and brand most appropriately.

What to Consider

Several factors come into play when choosing labels for food or any product. The three most critical are cost, quality, and effectiveness in relaying your brand image.

Cost Efficiency

You want the product label you choose to give you the highest exposure and at the lowest cost possible. It is necessary that you consider a more cost-efficient labelling solution. Although off-the-shelf labels are relatively cheap because you will not have to pay for a new design, they will hardly stand out to communicate your message as a custom-made label.

Quality and Uniqueness

Although it is the same printing company that would have otherwise produced the product labels from an off-the-shelf design, most custom options are of high quality. The printing company will discuss and guide you on the best options for the materials for your labels. They will try to achieve your marketing goal without compromising quality and image, as well as become an icon for your company for a long time.


The label has to represent your product and your brand in the best way possible. The images have to agree with your company’s profile and their branding aims. The symbols and colours must all come together to become a recognisable symbol of the company.

Product labelling plays a very critical role in brand management. Choosing custom food labels can enhance your brand image. This is a very crucial marketing strategy to communicate your message to your current and potential customers.

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