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For the Husband: Handy Skills You Might Need Around the House

There can be a lot of moving parts inside a house. No matter how well made everything seems, there will come a point where you will see some stuff malfunction or break down. It will be good if there are people or companies you can reach out to so that they can service your home. But what happens if you are unable to contact a plumber, electrician, or even a general contractor in your area?

Most housewives would seek the help of their husbands. While they may not have the same level of expertise or experience of individuals who do tweaks or repairs for a living, they should at least have some of the basic skills required to fix stuff in the house. Here are a few that would come in handy when the right time comes:


Your house’s plumbing is a complex network of pipes that overlap and intersect at multiple points. You do not see much of it, as they are mostly hidden underneath your floors and inside your walls. Some of the most used parts of the system are the faucets, and you are most likely to encounter them within the first few years of moving. This is something that can be quite easy to repair. The husband needs to know how to use a vice grip or a monkey wrench, and he also needs to have a supply of plumber’s tape. These should be enough to fix that faucet, replace pipes, and tighten some fittings.


If you are the man of the house, you will most likely have a few tools at your disposal. Basic carpentry is not just about hammering or sawing things. There is a lot of planning and logic involved, too. A lot of the patchwork does not give you much room for error, which is why you need to be accurate with your measurements. Striking anywhere could have you wasting on the materials you have on hand.

For example, if you are trying to repair a dining table’s leg, you want to be certain that before you commit to nailing another piece of wood into it, you have measured at least twice and marked it clearly. If you do not succeed on the first try, you are lucky if you only need to make slight alterations. It is possible for you to have to do it all over again. Putting in and prying nails off would quickly deteriorate the quality of the wood, so if done too much, you may need to source more of it.

Electronic Troubleshooting

electric trouble shooting

It would be easy if all electronic gadgets could tell you if they encountered a failure or an error. Advanced devices such as computers and smart TVs mostly have this functionality, but even this is not enough for some. Your husband’s knowledge of how a device works and accurately diagnosing problems would be a godsend to any family. These items are often on the expensive side, and getting it repaired could either require a lot of waiting time or money. Pinpointing why a product has stopped working is a huge step toward fixing it.

Being a husband who is also a handyman can save you and your family a lot of money in the long run. You can act as the first line of defense when you sense things that are not working properly. There is a lot of basic stuff there that you can fix, and you can leave the more complex ones to the professionals.

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