From a Dental Health Tool to a Source of Illness: Your Toothbrush may Be the Cause

Regular Dental Check-Ups in EnglandRegular tooth brushing is necessary to maintain your oral health. The simple act of sticking to your tooth brushing routine, however, is not enough. You also have to make sure that the tools you use to keep your mouth and teeth clean are clean as well. In fact, your tooth brush might be the reason for the recurring sickness and your sick absences from work!

Learn how toothbrushes can get contaminated and affect your health.

The Inconspicuous Germ House

Research conducted by the Old Dominion University in England revealed that a toothbrush has over 100 million bacteria, such as staphylococci and E. coli. This means that regular dental checkups and cleaning will be for nothing if you use a toothbrush infested with microscopic beings. According to, to maintain optimum oral health, you should both visit the dentist regularly and use a toothbrush that’s contaminant-free.

The Wrong Brushing Station

Bacteria can find its way to your toothbrush because you keep them in germ-infested places. For instance, the in Birmingham revealed that each time you push down the toilet plug, bacteria escapes into the air. So, don’t store your toothbrush anywhere near your toilet and be more cautious when brushing your teeth in the bathroom as this is not the ideal brushing station.

The Unreliable Cap and Brush Holder

The cap of your toothbrush, as well as, your brush holder is the perfect shaded place for bacteria to grow. To keep your toothbrush bacteria-free, refrain from using holders and caps that form moisture, which is optimum bacteria breeding ground. The only time you can use your toothbrush cap is when you’re traveling.

Keep your choppers clean and healthy by ensuring that your brush is free from unwanted visitors. Besides, having a clean brush will also keep you from those sick days at work.

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