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A Full-Time Mom’s Side Hustle: Insurance Agent

Most full-time moms are looking for ways to make extra money. The main reason is that the cost of living has increased dramatically over the past few years, while wages have made little to no movement to balance the situation. A recent study found that the average American family would need to earn about $75,000 per year to keep up with current inflation rates.

For many full-time moms, getting a side hustle is the only way to make extra money. There are several reasons why this might be necessary:

  1. The cost of childcare can be prohibitively expensive.
  2. Many full-time moms cannot find jobs that offer flex hours or telecommuting options.
  3. Many full-time moms cannot find jobs that pay enough to cover their living expenses.

So why are wages and salaries stagnant? There are several reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that there is a surplus of qualified workers in most fields. With so many people looking for work, employers can be picky about who they hire and often prefer to hire workers willing to work for less money.

Full-time moms often have no choice but to get a side hustle. The good news is that you can do several side hustles from home, many of which offer flexible hours. The most popular side hustles include online surveys, blogging, freelance writing, and online tutoring. However, there is a case for becoming an insurance agent. Here are a few reasons why it might be the perfect side hustle for full-time moms.

A Low-Stress Job

One of the main reasons to become an insurance agent is that it is a low-stress job. Unlike many other jobs, there is no deadline pressure, and you are not required to work long hours. You can set your hours and work as little or as much as you want. This is perfect for full-time moms who need to be available for their children but still want to make some extra money.

Since taking care of a child and the household will already occupy most of your time, you will not have much time for a job requiring long hours. This is one of the reasons why many full-time moms choose to work from home; they can set their hours and work around their child’s schedule.

As an insurance agent, you will help clients find the right insurance policy for their needs. This involves meeting with clients in person or over the phone and discussing their demands. You will then research different policies and present your findings to the client. You will handle all the paperwork if the client decides to purchase a policy.

Most of your work will be done during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. However, you may occasionally work evenings or weekends if a client needs to meet with you outside normal business hours.

A Rewarding Job

Protecting a family through life insurance

Not only is being an insurance agent a low-stress job, but it can also be gratifying. Helping people find the right insurance coverage for their needs can make a real difference in their lives.

As an insurance agent, you can build relationships with your clients. You will get to know them and their families and learn about their lives. This can be very rewarding, especially for full-time moms with little contact with other adults during the day.

While the pay is not always great, insurance agents do have the potential to earn a good income. The average insurance agent earns about $50,000 annually, but the top earners can make much more.

An Essential Service

If you must know, life insurance is a critical asset for most families, especially those with young children. No one likes to think about death, but it is a reality that people must face.

As an insurance agent, you will provide a valuable service to your clients. You will help them financially protect their families if they die. This service can give peace of mind to parents with young children.

As a result, you might not have to do a lot of marketing tactics to get and keep clients. Your clients will often come to you through referrals from satisfied customers. However, having a few insurance marketing ideas in your bank is ideal. It can be a competitive industry, so ensuring you can attract customers to yourself will be vital.

A Good Fit for Full-Time Moms

For many full-time moms, becoming an insurance agent is a great way to earn extra money without sacrificing time with their children. It is a low-stress job that you can do on a flexible schedule. Plus, it is a rewarding job that can make a real difference in people’s lives. Becoming an insurance agent might be the perfect option if you want a side hustle that fits your lifestyle.

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