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Fun DIY Halloween Decors for the Family to Enjoy

Transforming your cozy home into a charmingly spooky spot for Halloween doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You don’t need to have your place in Kansas City splattered with spray foam insulation from A+ Insulation or your garden in Nebraska filled with epitaphs.

We have prepared a list of simple and easy DIY ideas you and your family can do to turn your house into a fun Halloween spot for friends and loved ones.

Halloween Tree

Get an artificial white tree and just add on spooky ornaments and banners then you’re good to go. You can view the tutorial in this site: Li’l Luna.

Cobweb Wreath

Stretch out a fake cobweb onto a 12-inch embroidery hoop, trim off the excess web in the back and add a few fake spiders and you have yourself a creepy little wreath.

Custom Creepy Candlesticks

Old wine bottles do the trick for this treat. You can choose to paint the bottle in whatever color you want. Once they’re dry, place candlesticks on each of them. You could have the bottles painted in bright colors and place black candlesticks, or you can have the bottles painted in black and place white candlesticks.

Do whatever floats your boat.

Spider Web Plant Hanger

One of the easiest DIY Halloween projects is this macramé plant hanger. Just use hot glue or craft glue to attach fake spiders all over it and you’re set. Use it to hang a small spiky succulent to complete the creepy look.

Snake Wreath

Nothing will spook your neighbors more than seeing a cluster of snakes hanging on your front door. To make this, gather a few twigs along with some fake rubber snakes (makes sure you get the really scary ones!) and weave them together, starting with the largest snake.

Use hot or craft glue to hold them in place.

Tombstone Candy Holder

Add a little fun element to your place by displaying your treats in an easy-to-make tombstone candy holder. A Pumpkin and a Princess has the instructions for this.

halloween lantern

Halloween Lamps

No pumpkin? No problem. Enhance the spook factor of your place with these faux Jack o’ Lanterns lined up along your walkway. Go to Three Different Directions for the tutorial.

Pumpkin Treats Dispenser

Another easy project. Grab a medium-sized pumpkin and trace the bottom of a container on its surface. Cut around it and empty out the pumpkin until you can stick the container in. Make the hole slightly bigger if needed.

You can choose to attach a piece of thick rope along the mouth of the container. Fill it up with candies and sweets.

Personalized Doormat

Download this skull template and print out as many faces as you have in your family. Use a craft knife or an X-acto knife to cut out the holes in the template. Stick them on a doormat and dab paint around them using a foam brush. Keep at it until the whole mat is covered with paint.

Spooky Banister

Attach some black garland on your banister and run some orange lights through them to add some creepiness to your stairs at night.

Broomstick Chandelier

Hang a witch’s broom above your dining table. Carefully balance mason jars filled with black sand and top them with candles for added mood lighting. You may even add a faux black cat, crow, or maybe even small mice to up the level of spookiness.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on expensive Halloween decors? These DIY projects will save you money and give you more time with your family.

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