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Garden Designs That Will Make You Want to Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors can bring plenty of benefits, such as providing you with a natural source of vitamin D through sunlight, fresh air, and new scenery. Hiking, exploring trails, and walking in the park are hobbies families enjoy, but because of the pandemic, spending time outdoors is discouraged.

Families who like to bond through outdoor activities can spend time out in the sun by turning their backyards into a space they would want to spend hours in. Keep reading to find the garden design most suited for your family and home.

Small Garden Spaces

The usual case for families dwelling in the city, having limited space prevents any upgrade from being done. But, there are still ways for you to create a beautiful garden your loved ones would like to hang out in. By using space-saving furniture and garden fixtures, your family can bask under the sun and be surrounded by sweet-smelling flowers even when you’re in the middle of the city.

For gardens where space at a premium, utilizing every available spot is a must. You can make your garden look magical by installing hanging plants in colorful pots, wall planters, and plant stands. If you still have extra space, you can plant dwarf trees, like crab apples and camellias, without making your garden patch look too crowded.

Installing a fold-out shelf for your gardening essentials is also a good idea, so you can keep tools easily accessible. You can also place a couple of bean bags or a hammock to give you and your family a comfortable space to relax amidst the greenery.

Fruit Bearing Garden

Planting a fruit-bearing garden can have more charm over plants that serve the purpose of beautifying your home. Having fruit-bearing plants in your outdoor space will let you and your family enjoy delicious freshly picked fruits, like apples, cherries, strawberries, figs, and peaches. By planting your own fruits, you can make sure that your loved ones eat produce grown in a natural environment.

This also saves you time and money by eliminating the need for you to drive to the supermarket. It also has the potential of giving your kids a fun fruit-picking activity and also encourages them to create desserts and dishes using their freshly picked harvest.

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Contemporary Design

If you’re living in a house with a modern design, it is only right to stay consistent with that concept and build yourself a contemporary garden. Featuring clean-cut fixtures and bold lines, a modern garden is all about neutral colors, geometric shapes, and big spaces. Installing features like a fountain, patio lights, and plant hedges will give it a luxurious vibe, mostly seen in modern-day hotels.

Adding to its charm, these gardens are easy to maintain since they mostly use artificial lawn grass and minimal furniture. It is a space where family members can relax by listening to the relaxing water sounds from the fountain, lounging in comfy seats, and simply admiring the minimalist charm the area exudes.

Combined Dining and Garden Area

To make family meals even more enjoyable, why not dine in a bright and spacious open area? Your garden is not a space solely for tending to plants. It can also be a place for activities your family will enjoy. Having breakfasts under the sun’s warmth and shaded by trees will give you and your loved ones a happy mood that can last for the rest of the day, while eating your dinner outdoors can make it a cozy affair.

Surrounding your outdoor space with flowering plants and garden-friendly trees will let you breathe fresh, clean air during your meals. To keep you and your setup protected against various weather conditions, you can install a water-resistant canopy to shade you from the sun and use weatherproof furniture for your dining set.

Garden Pond

For families fond of exploring the great outdoors, you can turn your backyard into something that resembles a pond or a meadow. Man-made water features are essential for this concept. Ponds with fish suitable for your outdoor situation or even shallow garden streams that meander throughout your garden can make your outdoor space more alive.

For added effect, you can also create a cobblestone path leading to your little meadow that is abundant with flowers. With this much space, you can schedule camping nights with your family and pitch tents in your garden meadow so that you can continue your outdoor explorations even during quarantine.

During this pandemic, it is important to find activities that will keep your loved ones occupied and away from stress. A way to do this is by investing in facilities that will hold ennui at bay and make your bonding moments with your family even more special.

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