Get Your Car Ready for Sale Through These Five Expert-level Tips

Experts say that it’s worth putting a little effort to make your car ready for the market. You want your car to be appealing to buyers and to be the most attractive out there, of course. But there are a few things that you must remember about selling a secondhand car: The first impression buyers get of your car can make or break a negotiation.

Repaint Your Car

A simple do-it-yourself repaint will go a long way toward spiffing up your car. You can use an electric paint spray with air compressor filter to coat an even layer of paint on your car. Just one layer of paint will do your car a lot of good since it will freshen up the car a bit.

Clean Your Car

It doesn’t take a genius to know that cleaning and detailing your car inside and out will make it ready for the market. You don’t even need a professional to do the cleaning for you. Check out some YouTube tutorials on how you can clean your car from top to bottom. Just a suggestion: If you plan to sell your current car in the future, make sure to keep it clean at all times. This will prevent the odour from getting stuck into your car’s linens and interior.

Visit the Mechanic

Auto mechanic car maintenance

Before you hang that “For Sale” sign on your car, visit your mechanic first. Your mechanic should be able to tell you what’s wrong with your car. If any issues require your attention, you can either choose to have it fixed or deduct its cost from your asking price. A potential buyer will likely want to pre-inspect the car. This way, you already know what the buyer might find out. You will be ready with a better offer.

Complete Your Records

Interested buyers will not only ask you how well the car is maintained and how it is performing at present, but they will also want to know if your car’s records are complete. If it’s not, go and fix that first before putting it up for sale. No buyer wants to deal with the messy paperwork unless you’re willing to give a huge discount exchange for the trouble and effort. Some of the records you must gather are the car registration, insurance policy, and maintenance records.

Consider Small Upgrades

Sometimes, it’s the small things that will make a difference during the sale of a car. If your seat cover is already chipped and tarnished, you can consider replacing them. It won’t cost you too much to buy a new set. If your car matting looks worn off, buy a new one to freshen up your car’s interior.

Man handing keys after care sale

When putting your car up for sale, put yourself on the buyer’s shoes. What are you going to look at if you are considering buying a secondhand car? Definitely, you will look at the car’s paint job, interior, mileage, records, and performance. These are the same things that you must prepare and plan for when selling your old car.

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