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Getting Ahead in Singapore: Choosing a Post-graduate Course

Getting a master’s degree is becoming more common since more universities are opening their graduate programme, and more locals feel like they need to improve and have more knowledge in this fast-growing economy. In Singapore, the number of residents pursuing a higher degree increased from 4,095 students in 1993 to 20,670 enrolled in a master’s program in 2019, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics.

In this city-state, different universities offer various graduate degree programmes such as MS in Business Analytics, Master of Arts, Master of Economics, and Master of Psychology. For those who are pursuing postgraduate studies, they know that a degree from a university is not enough to succeed. Getting a master’s degree is their way to expand their skills set and have more career opportunities.

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the most suitable graduate programme. But many Singaporeans might not consider these factors other than their career prospects. Here’s how you could find which program suits you.

Find your motivation

You should know where your motivation lies. Knowledge expansion and personal growth can be possible motivators, but it is always best to check your life goals and objectives. Once you can define your purpose of pursuing post-graduate studies, then you can have a clearer idea on which course to take. It is vital to identify which graduate programmes can help you achieve your overall goal.

Study the university’s statistics and ranking

Once you know which post-graduate course suits you, check and compare how universities approach the same course, and who are the lecturers and professors. You should also compare the course completion requirements, especially the length of the programme.

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Ask students in the same programme

Ask students currently in the programme about their experiences. They will be a good source of information on course requirements, the best approaches and practices, and whether the professors and lecturers provide any assistance for your final paper.

You could also ask previous students about their prospects after the course. Check whether their further studies helped them in finding their dream job.

Join university activities

Consider attending university events that can provide you with the kind of atmosphere and studentry the university possesses. During these events, you could visit the campus amenities and observe the kind of students the programme attracts. This allows you to explore the campus culture and whether it suits your objectives.

Singapore has become more competitive for students, and sometimes the only way to get ahead is to expand your knowledge and skillset. Getting ahead in the world requires more than a bachelor’s degree; you need a post-graduate course that will help you make a mark in the world.

Once the idea of getting a postgraduate degree comes up, keep in mind that this step is something that you want, and you are ready to dive into it. Going back to pursue further education can be challenging. It may be hard to balance your studies and a job, but knowing that you are building not only a career but a life, can make all the sacrifices worthwhile.

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