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Getting More Social: Using Online Groups to Grow Your Business

Social media marketing drives more traffic to a company’s website and allows it to grow its client base. The only challenge is finding the right strategy to generate the best results. Joining online communities is a way to grow your connections and maximise business opportunities.
social media

Social platforms, such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn offer great opportunities to find potential clients. By joining Facebook groups, for example, you can interact with people who share the same interest. Joining a group of builders and contractors can be a wise move if you’re offering construction materials or engineering services. shares some tips on how you can use online communities to your advantage.

Choose Groups Wisely

There are millions of active groups on social networks. The trick is to identify your niche and choose a group within your industry. This will allow you to connect with peers and potential clients. You can search for groups on Facebook or ask your partners and colleagues for suggestions.

Be Active and Keep in Touch

You’re joining groups not only to grow your connections, but also to interact, inform, and help. Be active and start building relationships with other group members. Participate in activities and share your experiences with the group. People are more likely to trust and refer you if they have a deep understanding of your business.

Use Your Group to Advertise

Other group members have friends and followers who can be your customers in the future. Some administrators allow their members to post ads on their group’s timeline. You can share your company’s blog, press release and promotional video. You can also use the group to promote an upcoming event. This is a good opportunity to increase brand awareness and drive potential customers to your website or social media page.

Joining online groups opens doors to new partnerships and business opportunities. Start looking for the right groups today and get ready to gain more customers.

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