couple having a tan on their beach holiday

Getting the Most Out of Your Next Trip to Tan at the Beach

People head to the beach for many different reasons. Not just to enjoy the soothing, cooling, and relaxing effects of the ocean water, many of them put sunbathing before or right after swimming on their must-do list.

You most likely have the same itinerary, so you would want to do everything you can to make the most out of your tanning trip. To help you get that balanced, sun-kissed look without exposing yourself to the sun’s hazards, keep in mind the following tricks:

Accelerate the natural bronzing effects of the sun

Unlike before, you no longer have to stay under the direct sunlight for hours — rolling from one side to the other just to get the balanced tan you desire. Thanks to sun tan products, like those high-quality tanning oils with good SPF levels, you can quicken the pace of your skin’s bronzing process. Bali Body explains that these oils accelerate the browning process, cutting the time you sunbathe and minimise the risks of overexposure to UV rays.

Picking an oil based on your skin tone

However, you need to practice care and caution when choosing a product since not all of them work on the same skin type and colour. Some are for the fairer skinned, while some are for the brown to olive skinned.

Investing in a high SPF oil

Regardless of your skin tone, it is vital you get a product that has a high SPF level. This way, you can avoid the consequences of an intense tan. It helps darken the skin gently yet effectively by regulating the sun’s ray warmth as it seeps into your skin.

As a final reminder, remember that you get what you pay for, so opting for a too cheap product can put your skin at serious risk. The good news is, there are tanning oils out there of great quality yet will not put a huge dent in your wallet.


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