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Green Spaces in the UK: How Important are They?

The importance of having accessible green spaces can never be stressed enough. It does not only increase the value of the land, but it also improves the physical and mental well-being of its people.

Combatting Air Pollution

Air pollution, particularly in urban areas, is a major problem in the UK. The levels of nitrogen dioxide have been significantly high since 2010. The issue is so dire the European Commission is set to bring the matter to the Court of Justice if the country does not heed its final warning. If it is successful, it could mean millions of euros to pay as a penalty.

One of the ways to reduce the effects of air pollution is to green the city. To be more specific, the cities can spend on hedges instead of trees. The height of the hedges can help absorb the pollutants that usually come from thousands of vehicles that ply the road. Taller trees, on the other hand, are better suited in areas with less densely populated buildings.

Maintaining the hedges, however, is a different story, and cities with trees may have a problem uprooting some of them to give way to hedges. Tree surgeons in Bromley can help in this department. They can remove and relocate the trees in the most caring way possible. At the same time, they specialise in hedge maintenance, which can be done according to the agreed-upon schedule.

Slower Cognitive Decline

Another potential benefit of green spaces is retaining a person’s good mental capacity. This is the finding of Spanish researchers using the UK health data. They performed cognitive tests among participants between 45 and 68 years old at three different times within a 10-year follow-up period.

The analysis showed that those who lived near green spaces showed a decline of 4.6%, smaller than those who resided far from these environments.

The relationship between mental acuity and green spaces is still unclear for the most part. However, other types of research already showed those who are near these areas are more likely to engage in physical activity or interact with others. Some studies have also shown the impact of pollutants on the development of the brain.

The conclusion is clear: Green spaces are worthwhile investments everyone should pursue. The positive benefits can cover different areas, particularly health.

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