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Had a Stressful Stay-at-Home Experience? It’s Time to De-stress

Protecting your family against the novel coronavirus and making sure they’re comfortable and cared for during the lockdown was quite a feat. Add to it the anxiety of possibly losing your job or your source of income due to the challenges your company faced. That’s all over now. You deserve a break.

Now that the government has eased home quarantine rules, it’s time to relax and recharge. What do you plan to do? Here are some suggestions:

Get a trendy haircut

Want a chin-length layered bob, short waves, or a pixie cut? Want a new color with highlights? Whatever you prefer, the latest hairstyles will look beautiful on you. In fact, anything will look good on you than that overgrown, unruly mane that now crowns your head. Get a foot massage, spa, or mani-pedi, too. It’s time to give yourself a makeover.

Hit the gym

home workout

You’ve been loyal to your workout during the shutdown. You’ve tried workout videos online. That’s admirable!  Thirty minutes a day is excellent. But let’s face it. There were times when your exercises felt like one song in a loop: you’re just doing it over and over. If your favorite fitness center is open, get to it right away.

Enjoy an authentic workout, but don’t forget to disinfect all surfaces and equipment. Wear gloves if you can. Skip the group classes (if they still offer that) for safety reasons, but you can attend yoga sessions if the gym implements social distancing measures.

Go to the beach

Nature is still the best energizer. If you haven’t had much sun or rain while stuck at home, a quick trip to the beach will be wonderful. If you have young children, they will love this. Make sure you have everything you need before you start the journey, so you don’t have to make stops along the way. Apart from your beach items, bring travel tissues, disinfectant alcohol, hand sanitizer, face masks, water, packed food, snacks, toiletries, and kids’ necessities (if you’re bringing children).

Go fishing

You must have missed this. You can either organize your own fishing trip with the family or go on guided fishing trips to catch salmon, tuna, or herring. There’s nothing like feeling the wind brush through your face and hair, creating an excitement you haven’t felt in the past weeks or months. Don’t forget to bring the proper gear.

Go hiking, camping or glamping

Some cities or states may have specific rules on where you can go or what you can do. Find out if your local authorities allow you to explore the mountains, hike, or stay overnight at a camp. A day camp will be just as fun. Again, social distancing rules must apply. Bring your own sleeping bag or tent and don’t share it. Use your own utensils, too. Don’t ruin the enchantment of staring at the stars by catching the virus.

Walk with friends and have coffee

There’s always something refreshing about a night out with your girl friends. But it’s disappointing that you can’t go all out partying or drinking with your buddies after this lockdown. If that’s the case, then a short walk or jog in the park will do — with masks, gloves, caps, and all. Then you can have coffee somewhere quiet, where you can chat your hearts out.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, even though quarantine restrictions have been lifted. But moms like you deserve a break, so plan your little escapades well.

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