Hair Loss Treatments: 3 Effective Remedies for Thinning Hair

A man touching his hair in concern Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, is a common problem not only among men but also among women. In adults, the scalp is covered by about 100,000 terminal hairs. Normally, an average person loses about 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. For some people, however, they lose more than the normal amount of hair, leading to baldness.

Men suffer from hair loss more than women because some of them have male pattern baldness. Though there are many ways to prevent hair loss, some people are predisposed to losing hair earlier than others due to familial genes. On the other hand, some people lose hair due to medicines, aging, treatments and mineral deficiency.

Today, there are many ways to treat and prevent hair loss. Experts from Utah Scalp Aesthetics reveal that some of the most innovative and modern ways are through natural supplements, hair transplant and scalp micro pigmentation.

How Is Hair Loss Treated?

1. Vitamins And Minerals

There are many vitamins and minerals that can help prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth. Minerals like iron, zinc, and copper play major roles in preventing hair loss. For one, iron is important in the oxygenation of the red blood cells and is essential for normal hair growth.

Zinc promotes the secretion of the needed oils on the scalp and copper has been linked to hair regrowth. Moreover, vitamins like B complex, biotin, vitamin A, Vitamin E and CQ-10 help promote healthy hair growth.

2. Hair Transplant

In some cases, supplements and medicines alone can’t treat the alopecia or hair loss. One of the treatments for permanent hair loss is hair transplant or restoration surgery. In this procedure, the doctor will get plugs of skin with hairs from the back of the scalp and transplants it into the sections of the scalp without hair.

3. Scalp Micropigmentation

One of the newest approaches in hair loss treatment is scalp micro pigmentation. This procedure is intended for both men and women who suffer from permanent hair loss. It’s a non-surgical treatment wherein natural pigments are applied on the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair strands or follicles.

Hair loss is a common problem today. Fortunately, with modern medicine and science, hair loss can be prevented and treated properly. Men and women with alopecia won’t feel embarrassed anymore.

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