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Happiness is Just a Shade Away: Colors to Help Improve Your Mood

Most sentient beings are heavily reliant on the sense of sight. They react differently, depending on the colors that they see. Their brain processes the different colors and produces different reactions and emotions depending on the color. Sometimes, the same color can draw out different reactions or emotions under different circumstances and environments. As such, knowledge of what different colors can do to your brain will help you create a stress-free refuge in your very own home.

Moods in Color

A stressful day at work is unavoidable. After your shift, you get home and try to look for something to do for stress relief, like a favorite hobby. There are times, however, when you’re just too tired to do anything other than sitting around and staring at the wall. That’s fine, and it can also be a form of stress relief, provided it’s the right color.

Yellow tones, for example, causes the brain to release serotonin, giving people that happy feeling; it’s why emojis are yellow. Blues are known to be soothing, while white is known for its calming effect. Of course, their different shades matter as well. Experts at suggest natural pastels for a touch of femininity.

Where to Color

Knowledge of how different colors can make feel is not enough. Placement is important, too. If you’re looking to lose weight, avoid red tones in the kitchen, as they can prompt you to eat more. In a living room, however, red is recommended as it is a physically stimulating color. Conversation is more likely to flow with reds and yellows around you. Blues, greens, and colors in between are recommended for bathrooms as they provide a feeling of rejuvenation as you wash up. The color pink, best used in bedrooms, is known for its extremely calming effect.

The psychological effects of colors are still different depending on the individual and their particular tastes. These are simply examples of the most common colors and their most common functions on the human psyche. So if you have a particular favorite, if you have a certain color that brings up a favorable emotion, go ahead and use it. You’ll have made your very own safe space.

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