Wooden Kitchen Floor in New Jersey

Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

Wooden Kitchen Floor in New JerseyTo say that the kitchen floor receives a ton of physical punishment is an understatement. Splashes of oils, water, seasonings, and an overall abundance of foot traffic — the list goes on and on.

This situation makes it important to choose the right kitchen flooring. In that case, wood is out of the question; even if you would love the idea of antique flooring products from Real Antique Wood paving your kitchen floor. Or is it?

Knocking On Wood

Hardwood flooring is the worst choice for highly moist environments. This includes full bathrooms (which feature a sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower) and even “3/4 bathrooms” (the same inclusions, minus the tub). If you think that your kitchen isn’t as moist, think again. Where else do those splashes of water, soy sauce, vinegar, or even cooking oil go if not down the drain? That’s right — the kitchen floor. Leaking appliances aren’t even in the picture.

The advantages of hardwood flooring can’t be underestimated, however. Classic and natural-looking, hardwood is a beautiful choice for those who like rustic and Old World aesthetics. The material also feels comfortable and warm underfoot, unlike ceramic tiles or even concrete. Given proper maintenance, hardwood can also last a lifetime — an extremely excellent distinction for a naturally occurring material.

Which Type Of Wood?

There’s no type of wood that’s completely waterproof. There is, however, something that’s durable enough to survive the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Oak, maple, and cherry are the most durable hardwoods available. They don’t look bad or bland at all, either. Just be on the lookout for these three  types when you go hardwood floor-shopping.

Let’s say you’re much keener when it comes to aesthetics. There are three factors you have to consider: finish, sheen, and upkeep. Finish deals with the outer coating of the planks. You’re lucky that most of these wood finishes are now suitable for kitchen use. Different finishes come in sheens that range from  low-shine satin to high-gloss looks. Lastly, upkeep requires you to be vigilant in maintenance concerns. For instance, choose flooring with square edges; these keep debris out of the seams, making the floor easier to clean.

Go for hardwood flooring in your kitchen, provided you know how to choose the right one.

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