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Has Dating Truly Changed In The 21st Century?

online dating

Have you ever gone to a romantic date recently? Almost everyone knows that in dating, you’ll undoubtedly spend your time, money and even invest your emotions in finding the right person to hang out with every time. Somehow, however, many people feel like they’re striking out.

Is there a better way to do it?

Yes. You don’t have to fly blind in meeting someone. Fortunately, for many people, you can find many studies and thousands of lists of dating mistakes you can use to have a successful date. So, how does dating look like in the 21st century?

Why Avoid Online Dating

Dating today is dreary. It has become so mundane and uninteresting that people would prefer to meet someone online and rely purely on algorithms and databases.

People have become so busy with their day-to-day lives that they have no more time to get to know another person, which is why dating has become a problem for most people.

That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that people have turned into online dating to help them find their match. After all, screening out the persons you like and don’t like is as easy as a few touches of your finger. But is there any real problem with online dating?

A new study shows there could be issues behind internet dating that people ought to know. Experts say that browsing through multiple profiles can make people more judgmental than how they would typically react when meeting a person face-to-face. They’re more quickly to pass off judgment just because others don’t match their qualifications.

Are there any chances of meeting someone opposite of you? Probably not. The only match that you’ll likely get is with people who have similar tastes as you do. These scenarios rarely end well, especially in terms of genealogy.

A few studies show that genetically compatible couples are often the ones are least like you. One example is having a spouse whose immune system is unique to your own is likely to make the most suitable life partner. It means if he is less susceptible to getting colds, your offspring will develop a higher immunity against the disease.

How It Translates to Dating

couple out on a date

If you try to apply these facts into dating, meeting someone face-to-face is always the best option. When meeting someone personally, the body subconsciously picks up clues based on their DNA and your own.

You can even get a better idea of what their favourite food is. Check a variety of restaurant reviews to help you find the perfect place to eat in Singapore for your next date.

If you think about it, meeting someone personally gives you a chance to get to know the person better than liking someone because of the facade they’re trying to present. Before you go writing people off because of the way they look, try to give them a chance first and see if you’ll feel any different once you meet them face to face.

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