Haunted House Survival Guide for the Faint Hearted

Haunted House in Cottage GrovePicture this: you’re easily frightened by even the simplest jump scare, yet you are on a hot date with someone who is a bit of a horror junkie. On the big night, your date decides to invite you to go see haunted houses in Minnesota, instead of the usual movie or dinner date. From this invite alone, you are already shivering with fright from the thoughts of terror.

Here are a few helpful tips for getting through this terrifying ordeal while still keeping your bearings.

Immerse yourself into the ride

Since there is no turning back at this point, you might as well go all in. Sometimes immersion is the best way to conquer your fear and anxiety when you are in the haunted house already. This is also the best way for you to turn your fear into excitement and fun. Therefore, if you are going to get the pants scared out of you anyway, you might as well have a little fun while you are there.

Look the actors in the eye

This is not always a sure thing, but it helps when you look the actors in the eye as they stalk you through the house. Usually actors who work in haunted houses like The Haunting Experience want to have a little fun too, so they usually target those who seem easily frightened. Therefore, if you want to avoid becoming a target for these little pranksters, look them in the eye. This usually makes you look less scared and they will not even bother trying to get a rise out of you.

Dress smart and comfortably

You are going to be in a haunted house with a scary atmosphere and actors who specialize in jump scares. Fear often equals to sweat, and you do not want to be dressed in anything uncomfortable when that happens. As much as possible dress in a comfortable attire where you can run and sweat to your heart’s content without feeling like a sticky mess by the end of the ride.

Haunted houses are always fun for the horror junkies and the non-horror junkies alike, whether they admit it or not. With this helpful guide, you can definitely survive your horrific ordeal and enjoy yourself even if you do scare easy.

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