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Healthy Options: How Healthy is Mexican Cuisine?

While Mexican food is known to have plenty of cheese and lard, the base ingredients are actually healthy. Beans, corn, cilantro, tomatoes, and peppers have proven nutritional value.

If you want healthier food options, you may consider cooking Mexican dishes at home or eating at your favorite Mexican restaurant in Springfield. Here’s what you’ll get from those scrumptious dishes:


Most Mexican dishes use beans, which are rich in fiber. Most people do not get enough fiber in their diet and this could lead to digestive problems. If you eat a burrito or taco, you get a good supply of fiber. Choose steamed or boiled whole black or pinto beans instead of refried beans for your meal. A half-cup serving of beans gives you up to seven grams of fiber.

Vitamins and Minerals

Most people know that tomatoes are among the healthiest foods in the world, as they contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are a great source of vitamins C, K, A, B6, and E. They also have molybdenum, biotin, potassium, copper, dietary fiber, manganese, folate, niacin, and phosphorus.

Many Mexican dishes use tomatoes, as well as cilantro and onions, which are also rich in many of these vitamins and minerals. Your next serving of salsa is like a healthy shake. Add some guacamole and you have a hearty meal.


All spicy peppers have capsaicin, a compound that lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Eating some jalapenos in your salsa or chili regularly will keep your heart healthy. It will also improve your circulation and protect you from allergies or colds. You don’t need a lot; a small serving can go a long way.


Meat is the star of any Mexican main dish, which means lots of protein for building muscles and energy. Go for leaner meat for the healthy choice and keep the deep-frying to a minimum. If you are ordering from a restaurant, choose chicken breast or lean beef sautéed in olive oil for your taco or burrito. Cheese is also a good source of protein. But go easy on it if you’re watching your weight.

Mexican cuisine is generally healthy because the main ingredients are packed with nutrients. If you have no time to cook and you prefer eating out, a Mexican restaurant can be a source of healthy food.

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