Helpful Reminders for First-time Homeowners Considering Renovations

Moving into your house is liberating in so many ways. You can finally say goodbye to a life of renting. Even if you have to pay the mortgage, you know that at the end of it, you’ll get a house you can call your own.

Compared to an apartment, the house also gives you the freedom to design it however you like. Still, you need to do things in such a way that they improve the house’s value rather than diminish it. Here are some reminders:

Maintain the Lawn

Changing seasons contribute to the health of your lawn. Dry summers in Minnesota might require that you water the grass more often than during winter, and you might also need to vary the length of the grass to keep their roots healthy. If you’re tending to a backyard garden, you’ll need knowledge about which plants thrive in certain weather conditions. When you approach a garden center, they could give you a primer, so you won’t be starting a garden already failing because you chose the wrong plants or the wrong season to plant them. Educate yourself on plant combinations to make the most of your gardening efforts and yield. The amount of fertilizer also plays a role in the health of your garden. It’s also a good time to prepare for pests. You don’t want to be worrying about them in the dead of winter.

Think Before You Add

A new room sounds just like what you need to feel happy in your house. It sounds like it will improve home value in the long run. However, while still paying the mortgage, ask yourself if you can afford the maintenance that comes with having another room. You’ll need to have the room built, equip it with furniture pieces, and consider it for the heating and cooling system in the household.

bedroom with theme furniture

If it’s going to sit there unused, you’re wasting money on those aspects that do not offer benefits. Insurance premiums also need to be adjusted. You can always add a new room or convert the basement into another room once you’re done paying the mortgage, so you’ll have a less financial burden to carry.

Build for the Future

Not everyone wants a life of moving from one house to another. After all, isn’t that why you decided to buy a house instead of continuing to rent? The house may fit your current needs, but you can always add or change aspects of it to make it future-ready. If you’re ready to call it your forever house, slowly chip at features that make it senior friendly. Allocate funds for the replacement of knobs and the addition of a walk-in tub when you can. These small changes will mean you’re not spending enormous amounts on improvement in one go. You have years ahead of you before these features come in handy, but it’s never too early to start.

It’s a great feeling to finally have a house to call your own. To savor everything you worked hard for, make measured and well-thought improvement plans.

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