Here’s How to Extend the Life of Your Boat

Enjoying a pontoon boat ride is always fun, but you’d want to make sure that the privilege is something you can get for a long time. This is why proper pontoon maintenance is necessary for every new boat owner.

Cover the Boat from the Elements

Smart and simple, using pontoon boat covers would help maintain the integrity of the paint job — both outside and inside. Like cars, pontoon boats have a lot of character displayed on their exterior, so you would want to keep that looking as fresh as possible. Repainting the boat may be needed after a few years, but with a good cover, you can delay that need for a long period.

Keep the Outside Clean

Obviously, you’d want to keep the inside clean as well, but the exterior of the boat is more prone to the elements. You might want to scrape off anything that might be stuck or growing on the sides to maintain the boat’s speed and ease of movement in the water. You can use cleaners specifically created for this particular job.

Change the Oil

Like cars, boats need to have routine oil changes once a year or every 100 hours of operation, whichever comes first. The main problem here is that boats need to be brought to your local dealer for oil changing or you can do it yourself if you’re inclined to. If you can change your car’s oil, you can probably do the same with a pontoon.

Vinyl Cleaning

Most boats today boast a vinyl interior for seating and relaxation. Don’t use strong cleaners for this since they’ll break down the vinyl over time, especially with all the sun exposure. Use mild soap and water to limit breakdown.

Of course, those are some of the simplest ways to keep your boat in top shape. Don’t forget to always have an expert do a routine maintenance of the engine so it would always be a smooth ride when you take it out for a spin.

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