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Hosting an Adult Christmas Party at Home During Covid-19

Life has been all sorts of terrible this year. Anyone in their right mind would want one thing—to finally get some sense of normalcy this holiday season. Unfortunately, unless we all somehow get inoculated with a vaccine by this weekend, there might be no way for us to know if it’s safe to have a party at home.

Abide by the Guidelines

Of course, there’s always a solution to a predicament such as hosting a Christmas party at home. The most excellent way to make it a Covid-safe party is for people who plan on attending the party to quarantine for the next two weeks. Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch and a lot harder now after 10 months, but it’s the only way people are going to be safe.

Follow the Rules

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The rules for a Covid-safe gathering are simple. The number of guests should be limited. Every state has a different protocol in terms of the number of guests allowed in an enclosed space. Check out what’s allowed in yours.

Also, everyone should bring a sanitizer. They should wear a face mask and practice social distancing. It is also better to host the party in your backyard where air circulation is better. Don’t think about organizing a party inside your house.

Watch the Alcohol

Most people wouldn’t think watching the alcohol consumption of the guests is not important, but it is. When people are intoxicated, they wouldn’t think twice about removing their masks and coming close to the other guests. Don’t serve drinks with high-alcoholic content. A bit of a buzz is all you need, so stick with the ever-reliable German Hallertau Blanc. It has that fruity aroma and tropical profile that’s perfect for what will be a very socially distant party in the cold of winter.

Choose a Theme

This year has been tough for everyone. Why not choose a theme that will remind everyone of the true spirit of the holiday season? Everyone needs a reminder of how special this season is for families. If you are going to give gifts, make sure that they are properly sanitized.

Hire a Private Caterer

Search for a caterer who built a good reputation during this pandemic. You should look for a caterer who can deliver good and affordable food items. Check with them for the safety and health protocols that they follow to ensure that the food they serve is safe. When you consider the cost of whipping up those dishes yourself, you’ll be glad you think about just hiring someone else to do such a difficult job.

Your job as a hostess is to make sure that everyone follows the social distancing protocols imposed by health experts. However, make sure that a small gathering of family and friends is allowed in your area. If your city or state has a high number of cases, you might not be able to hold even a small holiday party. Make sure you have the go-signal of the local government or you’re going to face sanctions and legal trouble.

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