Hosting the Perfect Backyard Barbecue the Aussie Way

Backyard Barbecue in AustraliaThe countdown to Australia Day is on and backyard barbecue battles are heating up once again. There is no better time of the year to round up your mates, grab a bucket of cold beer, and fill your backyard with the smell of grilled BBQ.

The More, the Merrier

If you’re planning on throwing a ripper barbecue, the guest list should be kept fresh and full. This means inviting practically everyone — best friends, neighbours, friends of friends and extended family. Strategic food placement will help control crowds and a great host will always encourage the attendees to mingle.

The Secret Ingredients

Food can either make or break a get-together, so add in a little patience to your recipe when preparing your meat. Marinating your barbie meat will help enhance its flavour and tenderise it. Plan your menu ahead of time as well and invest in high quality ingredients.

The art of cooking meat involves grilling the meat and letting it settle to lock the flavour in. Grilling your barbies too soon or not giving the meat enough time to cool will result in sub-par fare. So, be sure to exercise a little bit of patience. It will be worth the tasty meal in the end.

Sprucing Up the Backyard Setting

For optimum social experience, Just Patios suggests making wise use of space in the backyard. There should be enough room for the guests and the griller, especially if it’s a family friendly occasion with games planned out for the kids.

The right lighting and music can also help set the mood. Outdoor lighting can keep the party going even after dark and setting up a bonfire is a great chance for people to bond while roasting marshmallows. Music can add a touch of creativity to the event and people can play an assortment of upbeat tunes and Southern blues to help keep everyone entertained.

Nothing beats an old-fashioned friendly gathering, and it’s better to experience barbecuing the Australian way. As long as the guests, food and back yard needs are covered, then your Aussie backyard barbie is bound to be a success.

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