Hot Houses: Why Properties with Greenhouse Gardens are Hot Commodities

woman in a greenhouseFor about 84 percent of Americans, purchasing a home is one of the best financial decisions they’ll ever make. This is what the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) found in their 2017 National Housing Pulse Survey.

If you’re among the many who view houses as investments, the smart thing to do is to keep your property as impeccable as possible. Maintaining your property and also improving it will go a long way to protecting your asset and keeping it in prime condition – improvements, after all, go a long way towards upping real estate value. Install a sunroom, renovate your kitchen, or maybe add a greenhouse? The latter is proving a popular choice for homebuyers, nowadays.

Houses with Greenhouses

A greenhouse is rather inexpensive to build or maintain, but it makes the property much more beautiful and profitable. There are residential greenhouse kits readily available today or, if you want, you can DIY your way to a beautiful home garden, with a greenhouse as a key feature. Either way, it’s not that difficult to put up a greenhouse.

Greenhouses also add a level of beautification to most any property. Nobody wants a flat, concrete yard. Properties have higher curb appeal if they are lush, elegant, and well-kept, something that you can achieve with the help of a greenhouse. Available in various designs and sizes, you can easily find the right one for your taste and for your property’s overall aesthetic. And, to give you an idea of just how much this addition contributes to your realty worth, the NAR has a list of beautiful properties with greenhouses with values reaching seven figures.

Horticulture is Hot

woman doing horticulture

If you need a few more good reasons that properties with greenhouses are a hit, firstly, horticulture is hot. You can control what you plant and when you’re planting. In a greenhouse, you’re creating an optimum growing environment for plants, protecting them from harsh weather conditions, and making for a longer growing season.

Secondly, having a space to plant and harvest fresh produce in your own greenhouse is a draw for potential homebuyers. Americans are now realizing the benefits of consuming organic food. Having access to fresh fruits and vegetables that you grew yourself in your greenhouse is an alternative to buying them and epitomizes reaping what you sow. The fact that one in three American households grow their own food is further proof of the value of greenhouses.

Your Greenhouse Options

If you’re going gaga over greenhouses because of the benefits we’ve mentioned, now’s the time to learn more. There are two types of greenhouses you can install on your property: attached and freestanding.

An attached greenhouse can provide you with an additional living space. Some greenhouses double as a sunroom, so you can relax while surrounded by greenery. Attached greenhouses also mean you can easily access and tend to your plants.

Freestanding greenhouses, meanwhile, can be located anywhere within your property. Because this type of greenhouse isn’t limited by the building to which it’s attached, it can be as large or as small as you want. Freestanding greenhouses are also easier to expand if need be.

With the ease and convenience of owning and operating a greenhouse, you can see why it’s a good investment. Not only will a greenhouse add value to your property, but even if you’re not selling, you’ll reap the many benefits it brings.

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