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Hotel Designs Trends That Keeps Guests Coming Back

hotel design trendsHotels are no longer just places to sleep in. They are not just places of accommodation guests would rather not stay in. It has become the destination itself for vacationers to spend their weekend away from their homes. Due to this, your hotel should be more than just a sleeping place but more of a lifestyle hub.

Here are some things modern guests look for in hotel designs.

Bathrooms? More like Spa in Your Room

Guests are always looking for something they do not get to experience at home. Some features people may not have at home are oversized bathtubs or Jacuzzi options for their bath, Hotel Interiors says. Having a spa-like bathroom design allows the guest to relax and feel luxurious without having to go to another place. You may add waterfall showers or two sinks in front of large mirrors so they can live out a life they only see in movies. Larger bathrooms appear more lavish so it is best to focus on this feature.

The Indoor-Outdoor Fourth Wall

Another trend that is sweeping the hotel design is the blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor. Windows are no longer just a divider to give you a view from the top. Most room designs now go for an integrated look that makes you feel like the scenery outdoors is part of the room.

This sensory experience is unique and remarkable that is sure to capture guests. Place furniture that helps transition the design from indoor to outdoor. You can add benches you can lie down on right by the window or pieces that direct your attention to the view outside.

Find experts on hotel fitouts and design the most enticing rooms for your hotel business. The design is always something guests would talk about on their stay at your hotel. Make sure they have great things to say to their family and friends.

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