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How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Lansing, Michigan?

East Lansing is among the most affordable places for assisted living in Michigan for 2018, as average prices in the area cost $3,220 per month compared to the state average of $3,633.

If you’re looking for senior home health care services in Lansing, it may cost $21.75 per hour based on the state average. The actual rate depends on where you live since it may be worth as low as $18.75 or up to $24.75 per hour.

Senior Health Care Costs

Location serves an important part in choosing where to pay for assisted living. The most expensive places in the state comprise Saginaw, Monroe and Midland, where prices range between $4,170 and $5,068 per month.

Likewise, the most expensive places for home health care are in Jackson, Monroe and Muskegon. You should expect to pay between $23.50 and $25 per hour for the services in these areas. Adult day care serves as another option for families who look for affordable choices, and this costs an average of $83 per day.

Insurance Evaluation

If you’re enrolled in Medicare, you still have time to make some changes to your current plan. The open enrollment period will end on December 7. You should ask your insurer about your eligibility from if you would only be turning 65 after the deadline.

Otherwise, you should already consider adding some changes such as senior care services, more prescription drug coverage. Make sure to transact only with authorized agents of your insurance provider. Some scammers may trick you into believing that they may claim your Medicare ID card on your behalf in exchange for a fee. You don’t need to pay for the new card, which should arrive by mail.

Finding the right health care provider will be crucial for your medical requirements coming into 2019. Since prices may change soon, it’s better to find a plan that offers a fixed premium for easier payments.

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