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How the Pandemic Is Changing the Way Couples Tie the Knot

Tying the knot is a once in a lifetime opportunity wherein couples finally say yes to becoming one. It is often an occasion celebrated with friends, families, and sometimes even acquaintances. For most couples, the more people they get to share their wedding day with, the better. This is why most medium-sized weddings can hold up to a hundred guests. For more intimate ones, it can have 50 or fewer attendees. Just imagine how many people can attend if one is to hold a big wedding.

But then, many wedding plans were quickly scrapped because of the pandemic. With social distancing rules imposed and the constant stay-in-place reminders, many couples are left with three options: to wait until the pandemic ceases, hold a very intimate wedding, or simply cancel.

Tying the Knot During the Pandemic

For couples who have chosen to tie the knot despite the pandemic, many plans need to be changed. For one, the number of guests and even the entourage may decrease dramatically. It only makes sense to invite only the most intimate family members and friends to the wedding ceremony and reception itself. With the pandemic causing fear and panic to everyone, not all of your guests may feel comfortable traveling just to witness your big day. Thanks to the kind of technology we have these days, you can take advantage of this. Your other guests still get to witness one of the most important days of your life. Many resorted to wedding video calls so that they can still be with the couple virtually during the intimate occasion.

There is also a need to talk to your vendors to make sure your plans and wedding needs will be met on your target date. This is one of the first few things you need to deal with, especially since not all vendors can be on the same page as you.

Another thing worth mentioning is the important task of getting your rings ready for the wedding day. One does not only need to find the perfect wedding bands. It is also a must that you get your ring sizes right. Knowing how to measure your ring sizes allows you to order your preferred wedding rings without having to visit an actual store.

Canceling or Moving Your Wedding to a Later Date

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With all the inconveniences present as of the moment, some have chosen to suspend their wedding until things cool down a bit. If you and your fiancé are planning to reschedule your wedding day, then many of your plans need to be changed. For one, talking to your vendors is one priority you should not delay.

Note that many businesses are affected by the pandemic. There is a need to make sure you and your vendor are still on the same page and can compromise to make the wedding work. You will also need to inform all your guests about the change of plans and be ready for their comments and concerns.

Many weddings have been canceled, moved to a different date, or downsized, all thanks to the pandemic. Since no one knows exactly when this world health crisis will end, soon-to-be-married couples are finding ways to alter their plans. Many believe that even after the pandemic, they will still choose to downscale their weddings. Health and safety will always be a priority even for engaged couples. As long as one gets to marry the person they love the most, not even the pandemic can stop them.

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