How to Balance Career and Motherhood

Being a working mom is a tough job. It is a lot having to handle a full-time career while being hands-on with your family. Many days are exhausting. Most often, it is a thankless role, especially since there are people who see it as not being fully present either as a mother or employee.

It does not have to be like that though.

Difficult does not mean impossible. One can still pursue a rewarding full-time career while playing an active role as a wife and a mother. All it takes is finding the right balance to juggle everything. Once you find it, everything becomes a whole lot easier.

But, it is easier said than done. Considering such, here are some of the proven and tested tips to guide working moms in juggling career and motherhood.

1. Let Go of the Guilt

It is not uncommon for mothers to be judged of “abandoning” their kids if they opt to work full-time, whereas husbands are expected to work to provide for the family. Though it is the 21st Century already, this sexist stereotype still largely exists.

However, instead of letting those guilty thoughts and negative emotions creep in, let them go. You should not feel ashamed or guilty for not giving up on your career. Turn your attention instead to the beautiful lessons you are imparting to your children by being a working mom.

In research conducted by Harvard Business School, it was found out that there are long-term benefits to children with working mothers.

Women raised by moms who have daytime jobs are more likely to have to work themselves, hold higher positions in their company, and earn more salary than those women raised by full-time stay-at-home moms.

Similarly, men whose mothers held jobs outside of homes are more likely to help with household chores and spend time taking care of the family.

2. Embrace Time-Saving Hacks

With a day only having 24 hours, it seemed quite impossible to get everything done — make breakfast, prepare kids to school, send kids to school, pick them up, go to work, attend conferences or meetings, the list is endless.

But with strategic planning and utilizing shortcuts, you can get almost everything done in just a short span of time.

For instance, rather than go in person to buy groceries or buy takeout from a restaurant, order groceries online and opt for curbside pick-up or delivery service instead.

If you need to do a conference call, do it instead while you are on your commute. If there are some errands you need to run, do them during lunch breaks.

Prep breakfast and lunch meals for the week during weekends, and arrange your and your kids’ outfits for the next day. Doing these helps a lot in making your weekday mornings easier to manage.

mother taking care of child while working

3. Maintain Open Communication With Your Higher Ups

It does not mean that since you are a hands-on mom, you will be a less productive employee. There are changes you need to do though.

Since moms are usually the primary parent when it comes to picking up kids from school or scheduling a doctor’s appointment, working moms need to be more flexible in their schedules.

With this in mind, it is crucial to emphasize how important it is for working mothers to communicate well with their managers and supervisors what they need and how they will continue to do their job well.

By keeping this transparent communication line, hopefully, your higher-ups will have a clearer understanding of your situation and would appreciate your efforts in juggling both career and family life.

4. Stay Organized and Plan Ahead

Being a working mom means having to remember a lot of things. It is like doing mental calisthenics every day. From doctor’s appointments and remembering birthdays to keeping track of clothes sizes and ensuring the toilet paper never runs out, all these are mostly handled by moms.

Thus, it is important to have in handy a planner or an app that helps you keep track of your neverending to-do list. It is important to plan ahead as much as possible. Remember, it is always good to be always prepared.

5. Reconnect With Your Partner

It can never be overemphasized how important it is to stay connected with your partner. A happy home springs from a happy marriage. No matter how busy you two are, strive to make your marriage or relationship a priority.

A lot of couples actually end up divorced once the last of their children leave the family home because then they would have realized how much they have drifted apart over the years.

Plan regular date nights, do the stuff you used to enjoy before you had kids, or go on spontaneous trips. All these help spice up your marriage. No idea where to go on your next day? Check out this food blogger website for some ideas.

It is possible to have the best of both worlds, just like Hannah Montana — have a sterling career and enjoy family life. Though there will be days it may seem hard, learn to appreciate the little and big things along the way. Be kind to yourself and just take it one day at a time.

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