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How to Create a Minimalist Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is the busiest part of the home, which is the main reason minimalism is such a good fit for this room. By paring your kitchen down to the essentials, you can enjoy a cleaner and more relaxed environment while cooking, eating, and spending time with your family.

Do you want to have a minimalist kitchen but don’t have a big budget to work with? Don’t worry; here are some ways you can design a minimalist kitchen without breaking the bank:

1. Paint your walls with neutral colors

Neutral colors or earth tones, such as white, tan, gray, and brown, are the staple colors for minimalist spaces. For a kitchen, these colors make the place brighter and more relaxing, as opposed to bold colors like yellow or green.

Changing the color of your kitchen into something more minimalist is relatively cheap. More importantly, you can save on labor by painting the walls and custom cabinets yourself.

2. Remove unnecessary appliances

This tip requires no money to be spent. In fact, you can even make money from it. Take a look around your kitchen and remove the appliances you barely ever use. Don’t even think about storing it somewhere else “in case you need it.” If you didn’t need it in the past year or so, it’s time to give it away to someone else or sell it.

3. Open up the shelves

Removing the doors from your kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen look more open and modern. Moreover, it helps you better see the items that you barely use, and can, therefore, get rid of.

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4. Choose sleek handles and knobs

Another excellent yet inexpensive way to design a minimalist kitchen is by installing sleek, modern handles and knobs on your cabinets, sinks, and drawers.

5. Decorate sparingly

Keep your kitchen simple by using only a few pieces of decor. A painting here and a tabletop plant there should be enough; resist the urge to fill out every empty space with unnecessary decor (and yes, that includes the dishes that no one gets to use).

6. Install mirrors

Putting up mirrors in a kitchen is a great way to make the room look bigger and more modern. Moreover, you can get high-quality mirrors for a cheap price, especially if you buy them from secondhand stores.

7. Try to keep the counter clear

Having a clutter-free counter may seem impossible, especially for a big household, but you’ll find that it’s easy when everything has its place in drawers and cabinets. Designate a place for everything and put things away immediately after use. Not only will this keep your counter clean, but it’s also a great way to keep things organized.

Minimalist kitchens exude a feeling of cleanliness, simplicity, and serenity. And for a room that is often the most chaotic part of the house, minimalism is something that can significantly improve the mood of anyone who is using it.

Moreover, turning your kitchen into a minimalist one is not as costly as you think. If you want to have a minimalist kitchen, use these tips to pare down everything and incorporate simpler designs into the room.

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