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How to Design Your New Business Signage

Signages can make a huge difference when it comes to a business’ marketing strategy. It can either catch the eyes of a potential customer or throw them off. Also, first impressions are important, which is why you should make the most out of your signage to make sure that everyone’s first impression of your business will be great.

Here, we will discuss a couple of things you should consider when having your signage designed by an LA sign company.

Make it Short and Concise

Most people will only look at your signage for 20 seconds (or even shorter), which is why you have to make the details on your signage short and concise. Include only the essentials such as your business name, a short description of what you offer, your social media accounts, and your contact numbers.

Do not put too much text in there, especially if you are planning on hanging it somewhere high up. Make sure that everything is clear and big enough for people to see and read it. The signage should also contain the company logo, but you have to make sure that you would keep it clean and simple.

Pick Just Three Main Pointers

If you want to put a few of your services and products on the signage, then make sure to keep it short, as people will not bother to read it if it is too long. Pick three of your main features and benefits and include those in the signage. Keep the font simple yet readable; you would not want to give people a difficult time reading your signage.

If you want, you can also add a little description comparing your products and services to your competition. You would have to be discreet about it, though, and you would not want to mention the competitor’s name. Focus on the benefits that you offer instead of the competitor’s shortcomings.

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Add a Call to Action

The most important part of your signage is the call to action. Your customers would want someone to call or message if they have questions about the services or products you offer, so make sure to include how they can contact you.

As mentioned, you can include your phone number, your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter usernames, and your email address. You can start by saying, “Call us at *number* to know more!” or something similar.

Ask an Expert

Consult an expert and ask for suggestions regarding the signage. Work with someone who has been in the business for years, and ask how many customers they have served. The longer the experience, the better.

You would also want to work with a graphic designer to make sure that everything on your signage is professionally done, including the font, colors, logo, and photo/s.

Do your research before heading to the signage store and having your signage done. Look for inspiration and show it to the graphic designer or sign maker and ask them if they can come up with something similar but unique and original.

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