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How to Dress Up Your Fifth Wall AKA The Ceiling

In most homes, the ceiling, also known as the fifth wall, is often overlooked, and left as is, white and plain as day. But centuries ago, the ceiling was the star of the room – think of Michelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling of The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel and the astounding tile mosaic on the ceiling of Turkey’s Blue Mosque.

While you can’t possibly recreate these timeless works of art, you too can bring the ceiling in your home back to life.

Consider a Shadow Gap

If you have a high enough ceiling, consider lowering a portion of it to craft a shadow gap that will give your ceiling extra visual interest. You could position this gap around the wall’s edges or right in the center of the ceiling.

Either way, you can also add in some LED lights to further highlight this new shadow gap feature. This is particularly great in a kitchen/dining room combo since you can use it as ambient lighting during dinner parties. So consider for when planning for a kitchen remodel in your Salt Lake City home.

Add in Some Beams

Wooden beams on a ceiling can give any room that grand, imposing, yet cozy and homey feel. If your ceiling doesn’t have beams you can expose, consider installing new ones. You can either have the beams stained, sanded and left roughhewn, or give it a splash of vivid color.

This is a clever and practical way to bring in color to an otherwise minimalist and monochromatic space without overwhelming the space.

Paint It Like Michelangelo

If you’re in love with a particular style of art, you can commission a professional artist to paint an original piece of art on your ceiling. The options are endless – a mural that’s Michelangelo-esque, woodland creatures, and bold florals among many others.

An alternative option is to find a unique and one-of-a-kind wallpaper design.

It’s All About Tricking The Eye

Say you have a high ceiling in a narrow space, like your entryway or in a bathroom, a ceiling in a darker hue will help balance the proportions. You can consider putting up wallpaper with a dark and dramatic print. You can likewise paint the ceiling a dark shade until you find a wallpaper print you really love.

Light Up The Details

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High and vaulted ceilings are beautiful enough on their own. But whether your vaulted ceiling is newly installed or recently restored, you can make it more stunning by adding in some lighting in strategic places.

Embrace Industrial Chic

Is your home a converted factory building or warehouse? Consider giving some love to those exposed pipes to provide your abode with that chic industrial look. You can just give them an inspection, make some repairs if needed, and leave them in their rugged glory, or you can highlight them by painting them different colors.

Make the Color Flow

Applying paint on the ceiling with a color that matches your walls could give it a massive impact. This is especially perfect for spaces that are lacking that cohesive and calm feel and look.

Yes, a white ceiling may be classic and all, but imagine what you can do to spruce up all that white! If you’re ready to make a change and give your ceiling some love, refer to the ideas above.

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