How to Keep a Clean Home with Furry Babies

Pets bring more love and warmth into their families’ lives. Not only that, but they also present a lot of health benefits to their owners. That is why it isn’t all too surprising when over 85 million households have integrated pets into their families.

As lovable as our pets may be, we can deny that they add more responsibilities to our households. Some are inherently beneficial, such as teaching kids more about chores and obligations. Others can be a bit annoying, like having to put in more time to clean our houses, especially if we have cats or dogs roaming around instead of fishes or hamsters.

There’s no reason to fret, though, since the additional fur and dirt lying around can be managed. Here are the ways to keep our homes clean despite our furry babies playing around.

Don’t Skip Bathtime

Cats and dogs, especially those with thick or long coats, attract dirt and stains easily. It doesn’t matter if they’re an indoor-only pet since simple acts like eating and drinking can mess up their coats. Those who get a chance to go outside to play have higher chances of tracking in dirt into our homes, so we must give them baths often.

Most of the time, it depends on our judgment and the breed of cat or dog that we have. Our pets should get rigorous cleaning once every three months. But if they get dirty quickly, once a week with gentle cleansers can help minimize the damage that they inflict on our homes.

Aside from bathtime, we also need to bring our dogs to groomers, more so if we’re hesitant about trimming their coats or nails. Long nails are more notable since they can easily scratch up our floors. Monthly grooming can be affordable, depending on the groomer, and is a great investment in keeping our pets’ clean and healthy.

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Clean Messes Right Away

Pets pee and poop; it’s a natural fact of life. Instead of scolding our pets for something they can’t help, we should try to teach them the spots inside (or outside) the house where they can go about our business. Not only that, but it’s good to clean up the messes as soon as we spot them.

That is because, if left to dry, pee and poop will leave rank odors, stains, and even sticky residue. Using wipes or tissues with alcohol can easily clean up our pets’ messes.

Aside from the routine and impromptu cleaning, we should deep clean every part of our homes that our pets have access to. Most important items are the carpets to ensure that no hidden grime or dirt from our pets remain.

While we can do this process ourselves, it’s best to leave it to the pro carpet cleaners in Lehi since they have access to top-notch cleaning products and equipment. Before anything else, we need to make sure that the company we’re hiring isn’t using harsh chemicals that can harm both our and our pets’ healths.

Introduce Outdoor Time

Pets, especially dogs, have a lot of energy. If left undrained, they tend to make ruckuses inside our home as a means to burn off energy. To keep our homes clean and our pets fit, we can consider allowing our pets into the backyard or even taking them out for walks.

Doing so will allow us to air out our homes, which helps in bringing in the fresh air and any bad odor out.

There are several other ways of keeping our homes clean. What’s important is that we take note of our pets’ breeds and intricacies and take the initiative to prevent any messes from staying longer than they should.

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