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How to Know If It’s Time to Relocate Your Business

Moving to a new home can be a nerve-racking yet exciting experience. It can a bittersweet feeling moving from a place you grew up into unfamiliar territory. The same can apply if you decide to move your business to a new address.

Nonetheless, relocation requires time for adjustment and acceptance of this major step in life. If you plan on relocating your office, you can seek the help of van lines or hire a moving company. There are reasons why a lot of business relocate. This can be due to the following:

  • Cost-cutting efforts (the new office space rent rate is cheaper)
  • The need for a larger office (due to the increase in employees)
  • Lower taxes
  • Lower real estate costs
  • Access to a high-quality pool of talents
  • Better amenities (depending on the nature of business)
  • Office lease expiration
  • Company has been affected by the recent economic recession
  • The company aims for growth in the next few years

Moving out and moving on

Cartons and equipment on floor of empty office spaceRelocating is no easy task. It can affect a company’s overall operations. However, it is not a thing of the past, after all. In fact, more and more companies opt to relocate due to the above-mentioned reasons. Even if the economy has somehow already recovered, its effects are still there.

A lot of businesses in the US chose to relocate in key areas in the country. These include:

  • Florida – due to cheaper office space rental rates and lower cost of living
  • Utah – due to its “business-friendly” climate. It offers lower energy costs and an abundant pool of talents. Plus, Utah is home to a lot of IT companies in the country.
  • North Carolina – due to its small union workforce, low labor costs, and highly-skilled personnel.
  • What to consider when you decide to relocate your business

Office relocation can be a better choice depending on your business’ current status. The decision to relocate may also depend on your current location’s economic situation. However, you should consider the following implications when you decide to relocate your business.

1. Consider the impact on your business.
For one, it can affect your employee’s productivity. Also, it can affect your business operations and may incur some losses along the way. Logistics can be an issue for some employees. They may end up resigning due to logistic issues and result in recruitment challenges.

2. Consider other work setups.
One way to prevent mass resignation due to logistical problems is by considering remote working, telecommuting, or using a coworking space. Regardless of your chosen work setup, it is important to ensure productivity even if employees are not in the office for work.

3. Consider the new location’s customs.
In some states, office workers are not required to be too formal in their attire. Not so in key cities such as in Chicago and New York. You can find most of them wearing a suit and tie. You should take time to know local customs after you have relocated.

Office relocation may be the best option for many companies. It can be a hard decision and has its consequences. At the end of the day, it should be done for the growth of the company — including the employees — in the long run.

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